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It not simulation, It's real.  It's an attack and it's not mutual.  It's an attack and it's that leaves mutual relationship but you are still bleeding.
Updated 3-27
There's more to read too, please read below and the the link Dire Japan + Global Situation Pt 3 3-29



As of

6/11?,5/11? Countdown 

SeeChina Japan US Middle East EU
See(5a.)Japan's '9/11''s+Glob Situation

WTC NY Hit during 9/11
Both Presidents hit by Radiation 43rd President NY, the Pentagon of the 42nd President - That Cross 'Peace' and that _W____'
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been Sabotage the Field of View of Princess Diana during 9/11 of person(child)
the way the B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilities 'Allies' 42nd President that reported a 'failed' attempt assassination is on a Guinness Book, but not reported by media could be the 'taper' to Radiation, as Person(child) witness a B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities been sabotage during and 9/11 Pentagon Strucked is when Civilian and Military Cross that the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, in Person(child)'s in the view and D of DARPA's Map is missing.  'Defcon -1' not Defcon as person(child) peeked about what is Defcon(of what is Defcon) only peeked B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage flying low altitude,  way way way later US in Drought marked by DARPA and D of DARPA missing.  See (3a.) after at the end Person(child) Time-Travel Possession, Possible Scenario->The open 'Taper' marked of the failed assassination attempt of 42nd President Symbolism when all cross and emerge Philosophy-wise of destruction, and now a closed with 44th President 'Closed' Taper. 

Japan is innocent. Acho, person(child) accidentally stumble on, then on TV wonder about 'cheap cuff??' on TV News after accidentally slipped into website, then White House Website, the connection thought it was always connected and informed, but person(child) shift to only double check, nothing shady friendly,happy,peaceful talk, it did not then earthquake. Super-Solider,Super-Spy,Super-Scientist and that stuff, all that talky stuff person(child) please read the journals before.

World Nation travel to US of due 'new tech' and 'ideas'since the 'beginning'. Now travel for 'old tech and 'ideas' telekentic weapon which is 20-40 years old. Destroying the spirit of the US? The US and professor passionately speaking about US history of why the world nation travel to the US, but if someone were to slide/cut in and ask 'of not the past' of US to a professor of the US history that 'passionately speaks' of the US. Can it also apply to (1a.) as movement of time tocks of their media culture, US? The US image is attack. WTC Moneument and Time-Travel-Possession the amendment that keep it separate from and from. Timeline tech of ???? DAPRA 1THZ Processor Religion? caught smuggle under TOR which TOR is created by the Navy. ????? US Countdown ????? education rank of the US said but research to get it of potential satellite clear out radiation but dangers and risk of may revealing Nuclear Warhead Silo of radiation, person(child) saw in Japan language book of stack books while a person reading leisurely, US MiddleEast archeology as of Indiana Jones. China Ghost Cities, US ????? with clearing out radiation satellite. More that Russian Submarine that modded by Super-Solider see Russia in this passage. If US make a mistake on clearing out radiation satellite, or someway have to force shoot as much satellite to overcome the anti-satellite missile from the modded Russian Submarine 'too protect the world', or reveal Nuclear Warhead Silos. Computer/Auto Databanks of History to match of age to relate of the clearing radiation satellite and it gets shot down 'calling it error' on the US from the Super-Solider, but US thought it was correct in the Computer/Auto Databanks. That US weakness of forgetting history. Look at Japan situation, Super-Solider, Super-Spy, and Super scientist, they do anything the break the US Presidential Term of Years of World Issue and Problem. Presidential Term but not enough time or bureaucracy? what made the US is that stable, Peace,Liberty/Security?, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But Time, Term, and 'Bureaucracy' they know it weakness in that. "'Allies' have to go to the US and be President and some how outmatch,outpace, Super-Solider,Super-Spy,and Super-Scientist, if they can make it in time for their country++is the world." US Countdown to retain their 'sleep' addressing. If all awake it would be democratic but that cost 'dream'real state, not the 'real?'dream state, 'peace time' state. If they sleep the Dallas WTC would be hit and people are 'awake' that sense heart it's not democratic. What's not address doing justify of hitting the WTC of NY and the next WTC of Dallas.  The US sent the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead to Europe, the countdown time of US of the US defeated also the reprisal aiming of at Russia.  Latch open said to be 'detected'.  US choice Europe.  And US defeated.  B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead been sabotage in the US,  and been US defeated.  B-2 Bomber in Europe as US been defeated, the B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities of Europe, that B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead is not 'US'. 

Super-Soldier tracked????, DARPA War Stories not of DARPA's and not interested DARPA's DARPA. The Super-Solider War Story. Super-Soldier tracked???? be able see Super-Solider but what of Super-Solider past tracks and movement DARPA military and scanners and recon.

Person(child)'s house encounter maggots that can eat through concrete in a garage. Military shouting 'Maggot'. Eats through Concrete yet you can smash it and even eat? person(child) stick few in mouth not knowing and not awing it and not scientifically. 'SuperHighway coverup really' The property and usage. If crossed. Be thrown at cooling towers, military cemetery, civilian cemetery, foundations,infiltration,escape, food but those maggots be able digest concrete allowing nourishment? when you ingest them.

The Super-Solider "Best of Best of the Best" US FORGETS THEIR HISTORY.
Turning Fallen US Soldiers into 3 Components that reach the top of command. 'Taking another Lap' 9/11 6/11? Left Right?
"Declassifcation Violation Defcon 1 Declassifcation Violation  Defcon 1

The Spam of the Internet may and is "Declassification Violation Defcon 1" Deep Web the Percentange of DATA they say and Surface Web. Military Personal turning into three components talked. The Middle East Artifacts. And person(child) see a Japanese Language book with books stack in the back and someone catering, Japan is innocent. Again talked, (4a.) The symbolism the back of the dollar. Things stacked. And the US Flies/Sleep. Japan is innocent.

Person(child)'s Game Genie with Kirby Dreamland, talked before reach "Peactime-defcon to Beyond Defcon 1" New York Black Out, the probability talked before Game Genie Speed Hack, Wall Hack, 'Drop' Hack' and one shot it all at once, game selection and game genie code and completely not know a thing, stopped on Level 4 and Dropped at the corner of World 4, World 4 relates to person(child)'s four pennies. Person(child) diromg Certain Rail-gun Anime Synchronization, person(child) was grabbed tested marked by a blackout of person(child)'s location, person(child) did got calling card and hard to communicate/failed to communicate the White House heart no strong enough. Japan is innocent, But it is not related to RailGun. But it's really the cuff is cheap and thought contact was always close contact due stumble on a website, but person(child) just double checking to make sure. The blackout at person(child) location, could of and be like of New York, the wire may have been cut as of New York called the route to the White House, the cost and charge? As of person(child) called the White House just to make sure but could not by heart/courage. The Blackout Electricity of Location Person(child) was test 'Synchronization of Person(child)'s Game Genie' it blacked out electrical area location at person(child) read the newspaper of the past wanted that the location wanted Nuclear Power Plant, but said 'cancelled'. NASDAQ hacked and Japan Earthquake. The clue? of NASAQ and the New York Blackout the call to cost to the White House, NASDAQ not sure the cost the location of person(child) location electrical blackout. Current Situation 1.8 DARPA GIGAPIXEL and DOW 18,000. NASDAQ and the Blackout of electrical person(child) location feels like subway,trainrail the money. It may leave clue to New Yorks Subway. Super-Spy that acts like a solider "That sees a weakness" talked in Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob See/Search(10a). The Movement Japan Earthquake, Person(child) location, New York NASDAQ. The quote now reveal good enough to be 'JV'. Now Arizona, Person(child)'s location ,Missouri. Person drive through Arizona before 9/11, Person(child) location B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead passby during 9/11, Missouri person(child) step foot and fell unconscious on the way back. The movement feels like hitting the WTC of 9/11 + Radiation travel to Europe.

**Still Editing***
Person(child) Time-Travel-Possession before before 9/11, 44th President Transparency B-2 Bomber in Europe in 9/11 and "SETI-ish" 'all stealth' reveal but not D on DARPA is missing due to B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11 at person(child) location US in a drought, '43rd President Axis Power' WTC Radiation Germany Ramstien WTC Moment Place with Religion with Science to due Time-Travel-Possession of Person(child) 42nd President Failed Assassination Clinton and Failed assassination of the Pope to marked person(child) Time-Travel-Possession way way before WTC NY before 9/11. 42rd President not publicize failed assassination attempt as B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage at person(child) location during 9/11. 9/11 to 6/11 feels like of by one becomes 5, 5 feels it becomes 5 Sided Star. Germany and Japan and Spain is separate and there are innocent. Very small UK presence,Small China Presence,Small Korea, Small Middle East presence, Small International? still cannot detect the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotageat person(child) location, down south sea of US, but still can not detect the B-2 Bomber wit Nuclear Warhead been sabotage D in DARPA's Map missing.

42rd President and 43nd President Radiation during 9/11 to cross both side WTC Monument and Time-Travel-Possession from Person(child). Failed attempt assassination 42nd President and as 44th President??? ????40th President something 6/11 off by 5, Star.

President Quote of Corporate Jet, WTC Hit, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead sent, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, Pentagon hit to marked that it crossed military civilian and location of the Highway of person(child) location, also the field of view of Princess Diana. Kotuku news of steam +1 Billion of COD. 'The Quote We don't negotiate with terrorist, but the feel, that they can throw at that quote. Feels Princess Diana or the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead that legitmize,legally buyed from companies are 'forced' pinned to make B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead, if it was a sabotage then it was has always been them. Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth image attack, US Federal Reserve is now religion.

'Freedom of the Press' in the US attacked. By Super-Solider taking killing key military personnel. That military personnel reach the press. 'Hearts and Minds'

US Super-Solider unable to be released? WTC Hit, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage Due Defcon -1 and Cross Military and Civilian, Pentagon then strike. 'We don't Negotiate with Terrorist'. World Military Installation their Super-Solider. Countdown. 'We don't negotiate with Terrorist' 1st President a 'Super-Solider' the entirety to US erase/scared from history, due throwing away there Super-Solider in someway that erase from history. Person(child) held hostage by Super-Solider, witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead Capabilities field of Princess Diana's Death.

Person(child) held hostage by the Super-Solider.  At after 9/11 All the action, person(child) doesn't really want to lookback.  How US defeated low they steep around person(child) unknown after they been defeated but the peak? B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities been sabotage and the low, Feels Mind Defcon -1 the heart??.

Feels like stuffing the US.
"Declassifcation Violation Defcon -1 Declassifcation Violation Defcon -1 Declassifcation Violation Defcon -1 Declassifcation Violation
Middle East artifacts, Middle East artifacts, Middle East artifacts, Middle East artifacts, Middle East artifacts, Middle East artifacts,
Person(child)'s four flat pennies, Quadrillions, Quadrillions Quadrillions Quadrillions Quadrillions Quadrillions
Person created account that you can sends ads and it was legal didn't have contacts and didn't spam, now internet spam is at 99.9%   spam/ads  spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads spam/ads
Person(child) Game Genie with Kirby Dream Land one shoted Drop Hack, Wall Hack, and Speed Hack and at the end of the world 4 room but did not enter boss and dropped at corner World 4.  The WTC center way way way before 9/11.  WTC Center feels like it will always be hit.
"The We don't negotiate with Terrorist"  B-2 Bomber or Princess Diana the CoD : Blacks Op the $1,Billion the 'feel' $1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion$1,Billion
FIB Bullet/ Front Yard Bullet - Person(child) picked it up off the and asked about what's this thing.  And there was the response and more response is 'becarful it hit you in the face' later on, Bruce Lee's Son hit with two bullets, FIB Bullet build up and form into other products.  It was then now marked maybe tab on to Korea a Korean artist is innocent,  Japan is struck earthquake two staff from anime Air and Astroboy.  Products may reach even up to B-2 Bomber with two Nuclear Warhead capabilities.  Person(child)'s Kirby Dreamland with Game Genie and Mashiro.  
Fusion Propulsion Bell Helicopter due to UAV, and 'Navy' TOR be able to decode the Nuclear Warhead Silo by position of the fusion propulsion helicopter.  Person(child) game genie Kirby Dreamland and symbolism, and second game genie Street Fighter that two fighters hurricane kick in the air.
Youtube Website person(child) did not know lingo, did not know lingo till late late post of stumble on…, person(child).  Stumble lingo acrogrym website 9/11 and person(child) being land on 6, and being the 7th Viewer.  US Military Installation even Nuclear Warhead Silos have been decoded and been revealed.

"The We don't negotiate with Terrorist" Quote.  'The Stuffing' throw at the President, Declassfication Violation Defcon-1 etc.  9/11 or 6/11 off by one 5/11,   something my put pressure on the president that makes hold the president situation that put pressure that makes the president 'push out' the president  like 42nd President but the pressure time of 9/11 or 6/11 off by one 5/11 makes the president stay in office and then makes the President 'feels' negotiating.  The attack not sure 44th President if WTC Dallas be there and there radiation.  And the next president would be at ??????.  Something similar of 9/11 Pentagon Radiation Vicinity of WTC Dallas. And how 42nd President is not at the White House.  Middle East is innocent.

What's dress above, Probability of person(child)'s game genie and Kirby's Dreamland and one-shoted wall hack, speed hack, and drop hack all in one shot with zero experience and not knowing, and no objective, also and playing the game and dropping into World 4 zipping through the boss door and not entering it fall through at the edge of the corner by accident.  The probability of looking and reaching and doing person(child)'s game genie with Kirby's Dreamland of attempting from emulators or cartridge no one attempt it.  Even from parallelism and or  Billion Population of the World.  Person(child) did not realize any of this until now.

Noone seem do what person(child)'s game genie with Kirby's Dreamland nonone seem to do it to 'reach', it was random, one-shoted, and no objective, what person(child) all the people and automation.  Yet NORAD all the US Nuclear Warhead has been revealed and decoded, yet person(child)'s Game Genie with Kirby.  NORAD 'not pull attention' yet 'pulled' attention to __.

Person(child) held hostage by the Super-Solider, 43rd President speech about trilateral talks.  During 9/11 US defeated.  Trilateral the Top Command if turning the key of the Nuclear Warhead Silos.  Person(child) held hostage as to top chain of command 'held' hostage.  And The Children that drew and trilateral talks and the 'Top Chain of Command'.  And person(child) held hostage by Super-Soldier and the US has been defeated on 9/11 'Trilateral'.

B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead person(child) encounter during and US has been defeated.  Documentary of Afghanistan of fallen solider looking into the sky and a solider putting tabasco to keep up.  Person(child) had 100% UV Clear Glass with no magnification and did not show it to anyone only when driving. And when 9/11 Happen.  Can it be if person(child) did not wear 100% UV Clear Glass with no magnification person(child) grew eyes red. And not only that also person(child)'s did not grow back hair they have chatted socially as 'dick with ears' before 9/11 then marked by King Charles it can also relate to Israel.  Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities and the symbolism.  
Missing Russian Submarine already talked and DARPA Satellite.

Elf Bowl - Person(child) played once?  Now the situation with Migs, Lousiana ?  Elf Bowl said to have virus before after person(child) played once.  Shiva Ebola Virus and Rainbow Six.

US and England split.

B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilities person(child) witness D in DARPA's Map Missing.  What is Precession which US pride on.  Defeated, all the action has been measure when person(child) held hostage by the Super-Solider.  Time-Travel-Possession ,  WTC Monument Cross the US Federal Reserve now religion, and now a target by Super-Solider.
What is Precession when noone seem notice it. Person(child)thought everyone saw it and notice it.   D missing on DARPA maybe how the pilot feel of that hidden

Person(child) Time-Travel-Possession dreamt of Falling down the WTC before 9/11,  The WTC Monument it crosses.  Science Religion Cross.  Washington Monument struck, earthquake bomb struck military unknown of the reaction after that.

Best of the Best of the Best.

Precession Person(child)' Game Genie and Kirby Dreamland. The symbolism arms wide open as wide as you can. One Precession and the other direction.  Best of the Best of Best.  B-2 Bomber been sabotage in the field of view of Princess of Diana.  Civilian Military Cross.

D on Darpa's Map missing.  And the map the light tinted black, if look at from all angles talked before.  B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead been sabotage the display as well maybe the sense as well of how the pilot flew as well if you were to mimic viewing at angles 'piloting' is there a reverse engineer possible of the exact trajectory the D in DARPA map missing display, and that other display or if you put two together.

More on Transparency, the 44th president enter the White House and then address that the US is defeated.  The 44th President taking over the White House the tone, Person(child) also stepped foot in Elizabeth Park.  The other route is still the same equal action.  "Taking over the US". 

US defeated at 9/11,  Person(child) witness a B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilites been sabotage,  wearing UV Clear Glasses no magnification and does not wear it front of people.  Symbolism of culture and _____.  Super-Solider hold person(child) as hostage.  'US' did not have enough time and transverse to Europe during 9/11.  And to Europe.

There's something to be a problem with the CIA.  Person(child) Time-Travel Possession WTC hit then WTC Monument.  US Federal Reserve is now religion.  Person(child) drews an SOS Brigade member sleeping inside an egg, then CIA $600 Million funding of Amazon.  But US Federal Reserve is Religion.  NORAD and CIA there is something wrong.  Japan is innocent.

Person(child) talked of something homeless in Anet game of Guild Wars.  Anet Guild Wars added 'extra' security' due to 'hacking'.  And then many years later the Finicial Meltdown hit.  Now DOW 18,000 but now the DARPA's 1.8 GigaPixel.

Person(child) made account years before marked by Kampher Anime.  Then marked nicovideo of an armpit video soon after the President of Japan Shinzo but before person(child) drew not knowing and then Shinzo.  Not only the President of China as well, person(child) not knowing.

Link doesn't seem natural.  9/11-> 6/11,5/11 Countdown    and even the word "lnxed" as to 'links'!<<<<.  The creation generator was a split second and one shotted as well.

The comment on JV as a country.  Person(child) encounter a quote good enough to be 'JV'.   And then way way years later 44th President on JV.

If you read the entire of Global Situation feels if some criteria met, the Failed Shot would make the 44th President disseapear, but the cost a failed shot is nothing 'of protecting the president'.  But the shot would make remember.  But Sc2 talked of martyrdom looked downed.  Yet,but due to Super-Solider.  But the 44th President of wanting desiring reducing the budget always eating a sandwich everyday.  That would make 44th President disappear as a 'Super-Soldier' but the cost of history and family generation and 42th President.?????  But getting hurt President would be rememeber.   But 44th President Grandmother and Transperancy, 'US defeated address'  and did not address, at the end the fail shot.  That end of argument feel. 

Super-Solider that acts like scientist.  Person(Child) heard an very small amount explosive in movie.  A weapon may have been develop 'surgically' sabotage equipemnt.  Equipments such as DARPA of all their failed experiemtns,  a long-range weapon silent surgically explosive round that hits equipment when person turns there eye away from one moment, residue clear and extremely difficult to see, and timely triggers and explode.  And makes incentive to throw it away.

Person(child) stumble on video site.  Hamtaro episode that Hamtaro eats a yellow curtain.  Japan is innocent.  Talk of one 44th President Speech said to have horns.  See (1a.) If you were to render.  The ^- as to Singapore as to the Texas flag?  Texas flag has two type?  Maybe as to Hong Kong as well.  The flag maker of Texas.  Can more dire deep against the flag maker.  Flag Maker of Texas and Curtains in the White House.  And 43rd President 'not attending the White House while in term.  Also a photo of the 44th President making a sandwhich for budget but then,  person(child) got sick from eating a sandwich and the Singapore PM said to have pneumonia but the length of time and date see (1a).  ^-"洋鬼子"  As ^-Foreign Devil. Can it be related to Princess Diana? and person(child) when taking photography never taken picture of people and on Missouri when Person(child) step foot on.  Princes Diana's related the 44th President?  The Plane that landed in France and photography on twitter of the 44th President.  44th President and Princess Diana's death during photography flash.  Talked the Failed Assassination of 42nd President from Guiness.  And 44th President of photography.  Person(child) 'didn't/doesn't' like facebook.  If you look at the Texas Flag and treat? it as the Pentagon was hit during 9/11.  Texas Flag the Star becomes four sided, and can it relate to the US flag all the stars become 4 Sided.  Japan is innocent.  ^-

Same and address See Section China But read this Entire Line. Interceptor of B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilities but yet Yet Presidential Coms be sabotage mid-air spreading radiation flight as of the 42nd and 43rd President been expose to radiation.  Malaysia has Nuclear Payload but has B-2 with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities able to open Nuclear Warhead Silos and also? overload?self-destruct? Nuclear Warhead Silos. B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead COM but the Interceptor Long-Range Anti-Air but it's Malaysia Airline, interceptor can not see it's shot, also civilian has counter-measure as well??? and payload of the inteceptor may be a bit 'stronger' then attended target.   B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilities but has presidential com the Interceptor payload pilot drives but expose to radiation due B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilities sabotage, and the payload? not enough to take down the B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities.  Setting up the military to point the finger at eachother.  ??9/11 the people flew knew US did have enough time and move to Europe of that side?,  5/11?,6/11? if when struck will go to Europe of that side??.  ???  If 6/11 5/11 happen the panic of chatter or surprise something might happen and cause confusion.  If the interceptor fired the shot those planes both dissapeared.  And also talked before the Failed Shot 44th President?  Unknown.  If Dallas WTC struck radiation exposure someway WTC Dallas or ??B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead of the 44th President.  ?? Of 5/11?? 6/11?? Theory The interceptor's payload maybe stronger than intended target of Malaysia Airline with B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Com and Korean Airlines hitting the 'tail' in someway? maybe intact or not intact not only that long range unable to view? B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear with Presidential Com and sabotage the missile payload not strong enough yet opening Nuclear Warhead Silo overload/self-destruct/??  If payloads both carried to counter , that the 'fear' as well if the payload that design to counter both engagements, the one or the other be sabotage the payload.  The 44th Presdient if fly to WTC of Dallas if struck and radiation, or not B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities and 44th President generation wane due to radation.  Also the 44th President the Failed Shot as possiblity.
The interceptor would accuse the US of using long-range ground and US lied. But yet Declassification Violation Defcon -1.  Talked before Super-Solider that acts like a scientist, Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob See/Search (10a.)
Web by NoodleboxTV<-ThisMap'dated 9/11 yet the transition D in DARPA's Map Missing and if view/see harder at all angles of your monitor you can see the lighter tinted black on DARPA's Map of the next attack 5/11? 6/11? that dated after 9/11?'
-End !!
Before 9/11
Person(child) science project AP-class revolves a marble that remains in constant motion, and 'recommend to be on budget' and on criteria to keep the marble requierment marked.  Marked Grade point of 80.  Of by one and yen off 9.  Person(child) randomly picked parnter not only did nothing till thee very end of until it's due.  When project was done it was tested few times at partner's house, but transporting it to class person(child) never tested it, felt sure?confident while other students test their.  During the time of the time of the experiment partner was not there. Teacher address being able to have 3 chances, person(child) first the marble rolled little bit and stopped at the top can it relate to WTC at 9/11. That first trial that failed cost person(child) 20 points and got an 80.  80+11=91? During the time it failed the teacher and students turned away and moved away for person(child) to fix it, can it also relate the timing of the WTC 9/11 of how it was hit and that hit the building linger before falling. Unknown of the other students if they are able to fail their 2 chances and still get 100.  The Trigger Mechanism was a mouse trapped with water balloon with a razer?.  Science Project can only be tried once due trigger unreusable.  Other? Students if trigger be able to reusable they can elongate their Science Project and have more points.  Person(child) was only be able to use once. Person(child) was a scrapyard backyard from partner's house wood, person(child) and partner also obtain paper towel rolls, person(child) also wonder the 'budget' of the criteria that say and suggested Science Project from teacher the goal too keep it budgets feels not reachable, but reach. Thinking more of the science project, the of the scrapyard if 'money' of that time of the the past before science project, then science project time the scrap yard parnter's house.  Did Person(Child) and partner reach budget of science project goal.  All the students gather happily to each other science project one even brought a camera and took photos of everyone science project except for person(child).  Person(child) did had an affinity a student that took photos of other students science projects.  If photo taken would be able to prevent and stop 9/11?, Also person(child)'s science project wasn't very attractive as well, felt 'that' reason why that student didn't take the photo person(child)'s project. After Science Project person(child) threw away science project together.  Thinking more of student with camera can it be profile picture taken from during the science project can there be more person(child) doesn't want to look further.  Person(child) science project was done with little plan and preparation and extremely close to due date, person(child) did not realize partner had a scrapyard backyard and also partner is also from another AP Science equivalent of person(child) but same teacher.  44th President   Science Project and the incident in France, may link to 9/11 and Princess Diana, of the from person(child)?.  Thinking of the scrapyard backyard if money of that time of the the past, then money science project time , person(child) did not realize, did not realize did person(child) and partner reached the 'budget of 'price' for the science project.  Soon way after late 44th President term person(child) remember Time-Travel-Possession and WTC Monument US Federal Reserve is now religion.

Is there more to 9/11.  NYPD.  It's not the call to/in 9/11 it's the call out from it. 

Person(child) ran with the super-solider and didn't know that person was super-solider.  Super-Solider ran 10 miles person(child) ran 5 miles(Ran 3 Laps and Walk 1),  already discuss marked by Run Run Run Ru and Japan did not know. 10 miles 5 miles,  of by one 11 Miles 6 Miles,  Flip the 6,  9/11  or 11/9?.


Japan is innocent.
During Kamichu and then Typhoon. And B-2 Bomber and Haiyan. Earthquake unnatural. The anime show, Universal Time and Radiation around the world, Alice in someway?. Japan's image attack. Universal Time and Radiation anticipation attack but as universal time progress the attack becomes.... and the 'blade' is away. ??????????Anime in Malaysia, Boston Bomb attack, France??????? Ghost Cites of China as to Europe, the authenticity, person(child) witness an elevator video. ????Ghost Cites of China as to Europe, the possible to live due to Fukishima.??? Japan's Countdown Fukishima and Radiation and ????. Japan's Authenticity.
Tor person(child) stumble clue? marked person(child), TOR was still part of the navy at the time marked on anonymous forum board unable to post. Super-Solider may have slide in due to that. Ran Ran Ran Ru person(child) ran 3 laps and walk 1 lap before 9/11, ran with the Super-Solider. Person(child) didn't know Super-Solider was behind on the net with TOR. US Solider overseas, and Super-Solider 'overseas'. Person(child) didn't know hearts and minds (´;ω;`). Japan defense analyze to check by Super-Solider and all installation watched. Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage with two Nuclear Warhead Capabilities. Tor Still Part of Navy/Military, after 9/11 the D of DARPA Map missing, DARPA/Military Mission Failed, the may have been bloody. Something claim/accused spam, the Fallen Soliders - TOR , internet said to 99.9 of SPAM if cross on to each and Fallen Soliders, TOR. Or DARPA/Military just failed by incompetence, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, during the past. While in the forum happily and learning and uploading spam all around started appear person(child) worried and felt at fault and scaried. "Hearts and Minds" "Love-Making Pill Spam Hearts, Unknown of the Mind Part". "Hearts and Minds" "Love-Making Pill Spam Hearts, Unknown of the Mind Part". They "US Navy defeated+failed and now handle and now throwing it at the civilian, marked by D in DARPA's Map failed.' US lost the CyberWarfare. "Hearts and Mind Japan" Children and, "Middle East" looks "Hearts and Mind" Children. Super-Solider has coms during 9/11 B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, taking out key Military Personnel with Coms and and decrypting from of TOR or brute force hacked through TOR and tweaking it by key taking out key military personnel to tweak the COMS that adjust with TOR. US defeated Com/Tor Encryption thrown now at Civilians. Civilians attacked by military,investigators/worldinvestigators they be force 'fully investigate and decoding the Nuclear Warhead Silos', person(child) set foot on Missouri taking photos but no people in it to be profiled as for Princess Diana investigation. That middle person(child) slipped of tongue marked by new agency of concern, and the other the entire nation 'protest there to delay' as much as they can. Person(child) when on Missouri trip and the way back fell uncontrollable be unconscious it may remediation of Princess Diana and B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11, that culture/trend when you look at something shocking/surprise you passout. That passout was way way before 9/11 B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and WTC of 9/11 was hit. The travel path of the passout unknown but Missouri to home location related to 'J',the worst correlation but Arizona crime scene that happen with Missouri. The best correlation is person(child) due witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage the Field of View of Princess Diana.

TOR, Just like person(child) held hostage by the super-soldier, possible the capture solider allow to surf the web/allow to 'hearts and mind' unknown of they succeed still alive, or died converted to astroturf talked before, but they felt that they have died. Insubordination???/You Failed take another lap, astroturf talked before the highest command caution of decoding the the nuclear warhead silos. See 12-1.

Quote feels directed at Japan
"Being 2 Places at one Spots" TOR - Super-Solider
Time-Travel-Possession - Super-Scietist
????The upcoming Ghost Cities - Super-Spy

Japan is innocent.

The US Failed at their peak.
The Optimal. When Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11. On TOR US military at the back and person(child) not knowing locate B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage. Then done threw it to civilian investigate the case of Princess Diana of from person(child), on TOR reach to civilian and dropped from the navy. A clean swoop noone hurt? and justice prevail. Person(child) encounter/notencounter confuse not knowing possible too keep 'dream'real state, not the 'real?'dream state, 'peace time' state.

Countdown and Ultimatum
Fukishima and Minerals to 'retain' their culture homogeneous, or variation by Fish.
Military? They can use the fish and write Japan's Culture and their history. It feels like a ultimatum. Using their fishing maybe using their fish be decoding Japan's Defense. Their Defense and History. Due to DARPA 1.8 Gigapixel and Stock 18,000 the time rolling of Telekentic Weapon.

US has been defeated after the action shown and measured the level Defcon -1 B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead sabotage. Crossing, Military, Civilian, Later Science before 9/11 and Religion after 9/11.
Japan Extinction, not 'risking' having children due to Telekinetic Weapon. Homogeneity vs Non-Homogeny. 'Spirt' then non '____'. ____ And ____.

The attack leaves mutual feeling but your still bleeding.

Person(child) had dream to bring anime a bit more to twitch, then dream of bring a bit more to 'Japan'. Then way way way later. Twitch-security breach reseting all password. Japan's Homogeny? And Japan is innocent. The attack on twitch feels like an intelligence 'agency' battle.

When person(child) dream of bring more to anime to twitch and then dream of bring more 'Japan' to twitch. Way way way later. Funimation appeared? Person(child) stumble in as Feature front page? Just before Twtich-Security breach it was only several/few hours before typing 'Journal/Novel' Pixiv/Deviantart, address about of the $600 Million Dollars to Amazon. And Twitch - Amazon.

Can this also relate to fish and Fukishima?

Tamako2-3 *Descirption Updated 5-6 by NoodleboxTV  If look at the image.  And the red in and out of objects.  The cloud  of the drawing replace flying camera during Boston Bomb attack the camera at high angle.  Boston Bomb attack two red stripes where flag dropped on the street two red stripe. Red Sea Horse Civ 5 (See Russia Section for file)  The Chest of Tamako relating in the picture can relate to Singapore, if you look at the date from the 2-3, 2+3=5 the Singapore Leader was at the hospital at Feb5, the Singapore Leader during when born and death 2-3, it may also relate to this drawing.  Person(child) also and ate sandwhich got sick and also forgot to wash hands while leisuring at the outside.  Not only that talk of Russia during 3-22? of this journal.  The Singapore Prime Minister said to die from pneumonia.   Marked by Tamako Love Story of this drawing.  Red Red Red Red Red.  Japan is innocent.  It may also relate to Malaysia Ebay if search Tamako Market.  Ustream Person(child) the 44th Vice President MH Hospital and then Malaysia Airline.  The Cloud can related to Boston Bomb attack and First PM of Singapore.  Camera and Pnemonia.  CP.  Singpore also has 'strong camera and said #1'  can something else relate Boston has something strong biological??? Red Sox??as in Sox in Mouth??? ?  CП = C P  RussianFont= ПP.  First Prime Minister of Singapore 91 off by one, 90 flipped 60 and Yen it due to П is 6. '31' Term office Prime Minister, off by one 32 = 3.2 Earthquake Person(child)'s location. Boston Bomb attack the camera angle, and of person(child) the drawing, the cloud.  Also Singapore the Cloud as well.  Arginitina 10 as person(child) slipped type in bing and 'be profiled by typing on bing, off by one, the two helicopter can it relate Singapore and Boston.  6/11  6 Singapore 11 Argentina.  Argenita again Person(child) contacted all the intelligence agency group Tried to Contact IntelligenceAgencies see(1a.)3-10.  Person(child) drawing 'Cloud Pneumonia' Singapore 'Cloud Camera' Boston Bomb attack the viewing angle, CP. '31' '3.2 Earthquake at person(child) location house and dinosaur clone research, and next house marks foundation off due to earthquake'

Person(child) encounter and chat "^-洋鬼子"  translated as "^-Foreign Devil"  then Taiwan Plane landed and crash.  ^-洋鬼子    that ^-  symbol.    May also link Singapore by chance of Singapore of the World Leader.
Even Singapore 'Red' Flag.… Person(child) also drew an image related to this site which date way way before stated.  Marked by Tamako Market OP.  Can it also relate to ^-.  Japan is innocent.  Yet timing of the Singapore PM and person(child) that's dated way way back.

Person(child) deep back pass person(child) attending a Religion Building in the US.  With Magnifying Glass burning ants not knowing anything.  But before, Person(child) encounter a maggot that can eat through concrete and person(child) ate the maggot yet did not know or was aware as well.  Military marked it as by saying maggot.    The maggot that can eat through concrete the religion debate of first?   Science and Relegion cross through bringing magnifying glass on ants to religion.  Person(child) then after had RFID. During religion person(child) did not know how to confess.  Japan's culture confessiong through love letter culture,  Middle East the light.  Encounter an anime that talked about wedding person(child) swift shift on a website it was slightly reacted in an anime episode, way way before that anime show person(child), encounter less guardian rejection of marriage at church after that rejection guardian stopped attending that church of that US, lesser guardian other is US and other guardian is in Canada. But soon after lesser guardian did got married in Canada.  Japan's Temple burned and then US Church burned feels like it due person(child) encounter rejection marriage situation in Japan and US.  Magnfiying Glass, Maggot that can eat through concrete, and person(child) eating it.  Then laser shown a live recorded video of Laser Helicopter able to shoot in class.   It must have Science, Religion, and Military and Civilian? cross Maggots and Laser.


Russia missing Submarine. Captured, Being modified Russia Submarine to shoot down satellites marked on DARPA's satellige diagram on twitter around 3-14 and DARPA's talk satellite launch methods. B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead during 9/11 been sabotage Super-Solider has Com. Coms implemented during 9/11 of 'Going Nuclear' and all the Nuclear Warhead Silos and Satellites that signals the the Nuclear Warhead Silos. Russia Submarine with US coms that open Nuclear Warhead Silos and Satellite and past before EU of that B-2 Bomber. That missing Russia Submarine is for 'sale' and not by Russia. And devise tech to wane Fukishima radiation from Satellite, marked/ideaed? in a game. If world involved to stopped and not go into to deep,be polite,and be wary of information,. Russia image attack? Capitalism? US Submarine sabotage, again the "You are Second You are Last". President speech attack, due to Middle East name if lingo applied appearance that they are baited to buy the Russia Submarine and flattering about it. Japan Fukishima, Nerchio and Russia situation, Japan is innocent. 44th President Side the 'Missing' Russian Submarine. Russia's Countdown someone having the money to actually buy the submarine and sanction?.
Slim Slim Chance Possibility and Theoretical The Map is randomly generated. Person(child)'s computer maybe hacked, if not coincidental. Long Way feels like best approach hacking it during Randomly Map is generating to make that map of The Russian of Boston are innocent. If reverse engineered by small chance may locate the missing Russian Submarine and Super-Solider from TOR in Japan in the past 'See Japan Section', that person(child) accidentally didn't realize Super-Solider was 'behind' person(child) internet, person(child) held hostage. Revered-Engineer. Level Hard to/the 'sense' Spock hand and Judo Chop playing and + tech tree to it playing the game. Person(child) also witness the video of how that angle camera is? Tamako2-3 The Red Sea House, The Striped Flagged, The Red Beam, the Explosion of Boston, The Cloud(The View of the Angle of how the Camera is?) Person(child)'s computer hacked, or purely coincidental. AMD's unknown quote person(child) encounter a quote 'CPU is cheaper than the CPU Fan', person(child) CPU tend to give out due to heat, the timing of age of CPU, CPU was design to be 'critical' usage that CPU of person(child) is not AMD. Tamako2-3 the timing of 2-3 before Boston Bomb attack.
Is this a Russian Countdown? Unknown.

Chernobyl, Person(child) had a lung ailments that was born with.  The first helicopter must have been sabotage.  To get the reporter/photographer the view of Chernobyl.  The lung ailments of soon started wane person(child) exercise and of age.  But the Russian Reporter, Chernobyl incident Russian Reporter/Photographer had a lung ailment.  If the first helicopter is sabotage there maybe more than that.  The 'natural' selection of person(child) and radiation of Chernobyl affected the Russian Photographer/Reporter.  The of Chernobyl helicopter may also relate Helicopter with experimental video that able to shoot laser slim chance of US.  The Chernobyl,  Highly Expertise on Radiation and Genetics.  Person(child) lung ailments before Chernobyl then soon after Chernobyl several years later lungs ailment wane. 

Russia and Helicopters, is there something.  Russia civilian helicopters?

WTC of NY hit with Radiation Payloads with Planes.

The chance if it were to cross.

Russia Helicopters of Russia Radiation Payloads.
Person(child) in deviantart the cold flow and off by one pushing down helicopters.
Can Russia Helicopters in the Cold Look like an accident but has Radiation Payload.

News of some cold front.  US said to be knocked by the cold.

Chernobyl.   Russian Civilian Helicopter they can not feel it.

After 9/11 or even before unknown of Russia.
Civilian Helicopters and incidents Russia Planes.  If there plane pass by Helicopter explodes and leaves Soviet Symbol.  Even flight trajectory?   Also spread of radiation.  The Plane flies in a curve trajectory map/globe helicopter flies straight and it explodes, the Soviet Symbol.   
??EU temptation?, person(child) stumble and random on tounge not knowing marked Sora o Wata episode after episode of the owl and apple.  ???They must separate to uncover???  Scotland and United Kingdom was example.  The other EU on timeline due to radiation of WTC during.  Person(child) unfamiliar how EU still United look at Europe History.  And if they point to the US.  Missing Malaysia Airline modified souped on how they hit NY WTC, has coms of Miliatry due to 9/11and Civilian, due to Argentina and US helicopter?.  Malaysia Airline on the 43rd President Side Malaysia Airline.  EU's Countdown of Radiation of Europe, Malaysia Airline.  Princess Diana's death.
Person(child) render an image.  Soon it then Related to the President of China on presidential stair.  Then Indonesia, soon way after volcano.  B-2 Bomber with Haiyan
Way Way later now, person(child) slipped of tounge "^--_word_"  And soon Taiwan plane.  Super-Solider has com of Taiwan.  Feels like tapping in Taiwan also creating Great China Wall the complete feel.  Feels like the switch is B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Coms will Switch Presidential Plane.  And 'Presidential Plane' or Missing Malyasia has Coms of B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilites.  And B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilites will have Presidential Plane Coms.  Can UN can be involve after that if B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead Capabilites have Presidential Com and Spread that Presidential Com all over the world.  And the 44th Presidential Speech on transparnecy.   The B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11.  Malaysia Airline with coms (B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities) that feels next plan to Strike the WTC of Dallas 5/11?/6/11? Talked Before.  During 9/11 Person(Child) witnessing B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities during 9/11 the Field of View Princess Diana.  China Countdown and of the 43rd President.  Super-Solider pushing shoving coms in the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead.  The Malaysia Airline has the capabilities of opening Nuclear Warhead Silos of the US due B-2 Bomber Coms, and Nuclear Warhead Silo sabotage?.  On the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead capabitle transmitting the Signal to the Unite Nation and World Leaders not only that sabotage on route in the air, the intercepting pilot unknown what will happen if they were to engage. 

Time-Travel-Possession and WTC Monument.  US Federal Reserve Religion.  What made China so great due US Federal Reserve+Religion, China countdown to combat and clean US Federal Reserve of Religion.  China communism against religion, and Democracy? of China.  ????China Earthquakes, Person(child) witness documentary of Axel pottery can it be related, the transportation of vehicle????  China's Countdown US Federal Reserve+Religion to clean up+caution might be decoding Nuclear Warhead Silos.

US Top Chain Command and Top DARPA or all ranks of DARPA.  If 5/11 6/11 if the WTC Dallasis Hit. 44th US President and the first president. US Top Chain Command and Top DARPA or all ranks of DARPA, generation or family/children of being setting up to be presidents.  If B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities has coms of the Presidential Airline and that Com reaches to the Top Chain of Command to the US.  And WTC of Dallas Hit.  1st President a War General and 44th President.  War Stories and Peace.
?Middle East?
Centrifuges of Iran. Dubai and Religion Sites around the world already talked. Person(child) way way way before 9/11 stopped on website had yearn 'permenant' eye color change. After website several person(child)elder guardian eyes turn from brown to blue. Person(child) played First Creed Directors Cut and like it the first Creed. The First Creed stopped at the Mission of the Hospital. Person(child) then drew with a group of streamer draw chat and it mysteriously lag. It was then marked Creed Revelation. In Creed the Pillars Corridors, Room 1 and Room 3, The eye of room three it must person(child) yearn and visit a website that has change permanent eye color. The 44 President step in Malaysia of someone who is 140 Years old. Room 1 and Room 3 'anything is possible', the causalities and fled of 140,000 in the Middle East. 1+3=4. The lips of Room 4 The Situation of Iraq at the Hospital of their children and babies" The babies "Bush Speach read my lips no new taxes". Person(child) on First Creed stopping at the hospital mission this before Creed Revelation. Person(child)only play First Creed and Creed Revalation. The Children of the Middle East affected chemical or radiation there countdown. There maybe more to Room 1 and Room 3 of Revelation, video settings, person(child) play setting Brightness Setting1?or0? darkest(which felt scared or death) then Setting 3 Blue. There maybe more to Revelation Internet be tapped, all the players online players on room 1/3 not knowing, movement of players something may control the situation of Middle East but the players do not know. Room 1 and 3 1 3 , 130,000 Off by one 140,000 the Casualties and Fled. The Babies at the hospital of Iraq effected radiation or chemical warfare. Person(child) had small monk book to focus roll your tongue. Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear with Warhead sabotage, if you say it with tongue roll back sounds like "B-2 Obama with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage" Can be completely wrong, don't want to push, the children of Iraq of the hospital, if those children say "Read my Lips no new Taxes" or other people say it or children say it. Can it be feel like the Children be setup B-2 Bomber and Haiyan.
Room 1 and Room 2 "Anything is possible The Soldiers now in Syria, MOAB Sabotage with
                   said 'ThermoNuclear' Person(child) traveled 1000 Miles did saw Radiation
                   Symbol on the top of building in California
Room 1 and Room 4 "Anything is possible and the lips, the Children of Iraq"
Room 1 and Room 3 "Anything is possible. The Pharmaceutical saying 'taking forever to
                   clean' is this the right that talk about this is it the 140,000 Fled
                   in Syria.  Those pharmaceutical giving power from 'Government' force to
                   patients hold of events on that games/movies that doesn't
                   happen when and throwing patient to it.  Or something like
                   person(child) playing Mario shinking and growing and then
                   person(child) person(child) actually shrink and grow relating
                   Leaning Tower of Pisa, grabbed by the goverment

Feels like symbolism Room 1 the center. Room 2 Room 4 Room 3 trench outward of Room 1. A radiation symbol. If you look US situation too, WTC NY and Pentagon and WTC NY Monument. 6/11 of by one 5 Star.

Is it Creed Revelation? Or person(child) they picked up from drawing, slowing lagging and could mysteriously not saved but witness with other artist? Creed Reveluation the tone feels like they are talking/address did it they did it now and had to move on, not by pain.

The Children of the Middle East, may have been effected with of 'like' Agent Orange.

140,000 Fled
140,000 Casualties
Creed Revaluation released date of the game, 11-15 off by one 11->14<, 140,000 Fled 140,000 Casualties, 10-14?
140,000 Years Old Skeleton
140,000? Gene - Eve

Children of Iraq of the Hospital and Creed Unity in France B-2 Bomber of EU, B-2 Bomber with Haiyan. If they say "Read My Lips No New Taxes?" "B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage" Push the B-2 Bomber away? Do not want to push or control and can be completely wrong.

The Children of Iraq. B-2 Bomber of France and or Philippine?/Indonesia?. Mutation measured? But the feel 'liking' and 'human experimentation'

There maybe more in Room.  If apply Room 1 to the other rooms, such as Room 1 + Room 2, Room 1 + Room 3,  Room 1 + Room 4.  Room 2 + Room 3, Room 2 + Room 4.  Room 3 + Room 4.  All the events happen?

Creed Revalation
10 - 14
10 Scotch and Movie of a CIA agent talked of Scotch that it's always 10 Years
10 - Yen , Renka incident that happen in the Middle East.


Radiation Symbol with 3 10's and 14.

Creed Revalation talking about "more than just ***" at the very beginning of the game.   Person(child) did complain/request?/ complain on a game from water,water physics,water knowledge,water expertise, person(child).   Person(child) like the First Creed:Director's Cut and Creed Revelation.  Can it also relate to Aral Sea by chance?

Person(child) held hostage by super-solider, US defeated at 9/11 person(child) after that????  Person(child) to painful too look back/talk back after 9/11 and before 9/11.  Defcon -1 and Cross Everything Military,Civilian.  And after defeated watch.

US defeated telekentic weapon switch unknown distant way way past 9/11. 

US defeated how does globalization work?  Feels complicated and difficult to piece together.

US defeated, person(child) held hostage, US Constitution taking hit, too painful too detail.  People getting hurt.  US Constitutions taking hit at the might.

Middle East Countdown
Room 1 and 3 the pressure feels even create a motive that wanting to hit the WTC of Dallas.  Middle East on a countdown of the WTC Dallas. 

Middle East Countdown where they that culture of the US is violent of that time.  Yet after 9/11 the pharmaceutical force patients by the use of government.  Middle East 9/11 to do 'justice' against before 9/11 now on countdown of Pharmaceutical and Government forcing on patients. If Middle East can overcome the WTC of Dallas that they have a motive to hit.

There's was news video during a day where the day where throw stone.  They said 6 people died to stampede Super-Spy left opening for the Middle East and Middle East cross.  Dubai and now the rocks 'all over the world' throw rocks in site.  Middle East how can pertain the first? or?  Super-Spy must executed them by 'stepping on them' during that day.  6 People  9 People.  The Site where you throw sites feels and now sacrificial altar.  6 people and the site where you throw   6O  90  Off by one   91.   And now Pakistan Intelligence Rank #1 now.

Spain Countdown
Spain is innocent.
Sabotage and Missing.
Sabotage and then Missing - Russia?  Russia Submarine "You are second you are Last"
Missing and then Sabotage - US      B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead sabotage/missing on DARPA's Map. " ? ???"
Universal Time slowing of the Earth, and Radiation changing the Age of Environment to mark history/create history and the movement and sense of movement.
Universal Time slowing of the Earth, and Radiation changing the Age of Environment to mark history/create history and the movement and sense of movement.  Timeline spacing of World Wars that was setup.
Universal Time slowing of the Earth, and Radiation changing the Age of Environment to mark history/create history and the movement and sense of movement.  Timeline spacing of World Wars that was setup, and Words of Movement History/Future.
Universal Time slowing of the Earth, and Radiation changing the Age of Environment to mark history/create history and the movement and sense of movement.  Timeline spacing of World Wars that was setup, and Words of Movement History/Future sets up of World Wars.

Documentary on Japan Extinction.  Japan may be/get cloned.  See/Search (2a.)

Radiation around world that talk. WTC of New York spreading radiation through Europe, Mt.St. Helen Explosion, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage US(D in Darpa's Map mismap), Fukishima and Two Hydrogen bombs in the Pacific, Centrifuge malfunction in Middle East, and said radiation spread by other means in the Middle East.  Chernobyl of Russia unknown of Russia after that.  Symbol of a the Pendulum.

Universal Time struck, timeline age squeezing of World War I and World War II and setting up War.  That squeeze the the timeline of radiation and Universal Time Struck.  As history says squeezing World War I, World War II and setting up War equally incrementally.  And the spread of radiation as history says to back it up.  Disney and Sega.  Disney's Mouse 'person(child)', Sega 'Person(child).  Year of Disney and Year of Sega.  Person(child) has purchase a DS not know of the 'situation' and way before President's Quote of JV.  Person(child) stepped into 2ch drew and enjoy with them, but did not step step into 2ch first and an image-board, talk of mysteriously marked down prices of art supply.  Person(child) bumped into anime episode into that it never 'snowed' and then bumped into blogged and it snow in Japan talked in blog and something too, felt like a dream to person(child) the snow ><.  Before the presidents speech of 'JV'. ??? Some ?? Disney and Sega the timeline talked that 44 then happen they are sandwhich in?  World War I timeline space and then World War II and then some setting up for war with that equal timeline space of World War I and World War II?  The movement of Disney and Sega movement peace than to ?????? 44 Sandwich.  Disney and Sega felt of eaten up? or ?????, ????? , ?????.  
Ran Ran Ran Ru.  Person(child) ran and talked to a person of coach of sports and art, good enough to be 'JV' to person(child) before 9/11 on trackmeet while the others of coach ranned around a square route, 50.  5 miles.  Person(child) ranned with the Super-Solider. Many years later after 9/11 The 44th President 'JV'.  WTC Hit NY the hand spock and judo, JV, 4?  The striking of of Judo, radiation spreading England.  And Dallas WTC another 4 by chance?
Bush Dance Videos Before Election and then Bush President Speech of no Cloning.  Person(child) encounter a real advance one fully dynamically moving and jiving?  Was it marked by Anime Studio of dancing.  Can it also be that anime studio fear putting two together president and that anime studio's fear.  Person(child) said and hated loopy anime '????' by heart (said it on the forum)? and wanted to and drawing focus on drawing on making a story.  Rail Gun person(child) stopped on the speech, thinking it's popular and it's fine stopped watching after that.  'Cutting the Budget'? Bush.  That one video of Bush Dance before election was pushed from Peace Time to ?????.  WTC may also be struck due to this.  Command in Chief and ?????.  That Bush Video Dance was analogue?/digital? at that time, that video artist/s? to give that president to speak of no cloning.  Another anime studio came "Is 2D and is it Real"?  Person(child) taking pictures never of people of camera before 9/11 that feel not wanting to take picture of people can it also relate to Princess Diana.  Then Earthquake in Japan and Fukishima, when person(child) was side rammed by vehicle before 43rd President Term of Office with aquarium cracked marked returned at the store.  DARPA's No Fear but Japan Anime Studio's fear.  Person(child) doesn't want to control the president, but Bush Dance Video controlling the president.  That certain Bush Dance video unknown website and that website timed before the 43 President Term of Office, internet connection speed as well. "Either for or against us."  That certain person who made that The Bush Dance Video before 43rd President.  44th President Person(child) stumble on website of Japan video it correlates what was talk on the news of the White House, and person(child)'s drawing, unknown of the not the ring and not "the cuff is cheap".
Tried to Contact Intelligence Agencies see(1a.) 3-10 (Non-Fiction) ***Updated 3-12**

Please read FullScreen.

All Theory?
If WTC Hit in Dallas instead WTC NY B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead sabotatge EU would be in a drought.  Ghost Cities of the China would be wet and yet EU would be dry just talked, or China would flood due California earthquake sunk and there would be more frequent Earthquake in California before it falls. Sea Level Of Japan and debate of Islands unknown also make something like the 'Sea of Japan' some way?  Fish in Asia would be more thriving?, the of Asia waste water would flow back to the mainland?  Electronics unknown to climate maybe shift Europe instead?  EU dry unknown of the radiation waste that was dumped into the sea.  As two Hydrogen Bomb test in with US an Russia.  Japan Earthquake would be significantly less or weaken.  Vietnam as to BP oil spill?  Maybe first instead of BP?  Rice situation unknown.

And Event
WTC Hit in NYC,  WTC of Dallas B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage US in a drought.  Ghost Cities of China or part China water situation.  China earthquakes, and then Fukishima earthquake radiation hits California and the toll and may still climb but California as to China on babies 0 and 1 and still maybe climbing.  Japan is innocent.   'Dry' in Asia for electronic manufacturing.  Earthquake significantly less or weak in California.  Fish in Asia affected with Mercury or heavy metal.  BP Oil spill less fish but less fish that contain heavy metals.  Vietnam Oil situation unknown.  Rice minerals depleted from soil,  softly marked by news documentary of someone trying selling 'produce' and no-one has purchase it,  Eventually.. (and they are innocent).  Person(child) still doesn't fully of Japan Situation.  But Radiation in Japan and their culture and relegion sites or world and EU Radiation and to to Dubai to maybe preserve but Time-Travel Possession WTC Monument place.  Person(child) stumble on to Acho Japan is innocent.  Person(child) stumble on ustream MH.  Ebola combat miliatry it merges B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and Ebola and MH on Ustream and MH370 Malaysia and Asiana it merges.  Time-Travel-Possession, Acho(Japan is innocent but then earthquake but know always have known Japan is innocent) MH-UStream, uncover B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, Princess Diana also Super-Solider, Super-Scientist, and Super-Spy, also creation of the Universe Evolution and Everything and what not, Super-Solider, Super-Scientist, Super-Spy setup.  Person(child) also RFID where person(child) fall RFID and Telekentic Weapon.  And Dinosaur-Clone Research.  After After 9/11 Person(child) Max Height Youth? and Growth and Shrink relating to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Nutty Professor-ish at that time and was refunded, still shivers which felt more colder and it doesn't feel like humidity but they humidity, Shurnk Grew Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Person(child) was cut-off by truck suddenly slammed the break pedals with license that has 'Judge', Judge came out of the car yelling at person(child), person(child) upset but not sad upset. Judge licenses plate can be track from person(child)'s RFID and person(child) said 'Judge' can not remember?  At that person(child) did not recall of B-2 Bomber of 9/11 and thought 'everyone' saw it person(child) location. DARPA map shown US in a drought, person(child) shocked recall B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage. Simpson made episode and that actor said to pass away.  Judge may have look is person(child)'s past, people passed away maybe teachers and student afraid to speak fully been willing speak hard but not know of Judge thoughts.  That winter one winter or two winters before 43rd President 1st late term?  The weather felt really nippy and cold though weather temp is or more above freezing.  Humidity thought person(child).  Person(child) late President 44th late term the weather is no longer that nippy or freezing like before.  Person(child) that 'winter' of during 43th president late 1st term and Japan sensation of winter US President 43th 2nd Term. Japan Fukishima Winter and person(child)'s winter of US 43rd President Winter 1st Late Term.  Disney-Frozen?  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabatoge during 9/11.  And Fukishima of the news 14,000.  Mt.Helen Expansion?  Fukishima Expansion?  Indonesia distance to B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead Haiyan.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11 distance.      "Mt. Helen Expansion and Fukishima Expansion?  Land and Sea?  Air and Sea? or Air to Land"  WTC Monument and Time-Travel-Possession it crosses and now China economy and everything, but 'government' 'against religion' but religion and Time-Travel-Possession.  Ran Ran Ran Ru person(child) Battle/Race of Faith WTC Monument Time-Travel-Possession, Person(child) four flatten pennies. 
                                                                                                                                Instant Message heard sold or created by someone.
                              Super-Spy                                                                                             Super-Solider                                                                         Super-Scientist
                             MMMM-Kay=MKUltra by Instant Message                                                  Attraction 5'11 by Instant Message                Person(child) address about the Koran and unknown of it Instant Message
                                        MKUltra and Animals                                                              Person(child) ran with Super-Solider 3 Laps 1 Lap      Leaning Tower of Pisa and WTC Monument Time-Travel Poessession
                                                                                                                                 They gave an opening to person(child).                                              
                   Flock Flocks and Flocks of birds in person(child) 'house' like a miracle real life               Running with Person(child)                                                       Typing that AIM quote.              
                          Remember the legged tied can't remember fully hurt or removed                                                                           
                          not hurt at all?  Forest Gump

Time-Travel-Possession.  Person(child) dreamt falling of the WTC way way before 9/11.  WTC Monument in New York.  What happen if another WTC Monument in Dallas.  But Princess Diana.  Parallel.  Parallel WTC Monument NY and Dallas.  Japan is innocent.  WTC Monument of NY and Time-Travel-Possession and it cross.  Parallel. Then the ...???? . The hitting of other commercial buildings but WTC Dallas is still up.  More WTC Monument and Time-Travel-Possession cross.  Person(child) fear of getting/do charity/charities donation for things bad things might happen even (donation of pace for bad things may happen). 

42nd President Bad Behavior -> Reward
               Rewarded -> Bad Behavior 
              You Drive Car /  Car Drives You
          WTC Monument and Time-Travel Possession Cross  Science+Relegion 'And they train for it' 'Military but not for Religion(fair?)?'  'There's alot but difficult to explain'

More Theory
EU nips US."B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, 2-B or Not to 2-B.  US Prunes Japan marked Gainex PSG Back to Future person(child) was side rammed and Fukishima Happen.  Toy Story 3.  Something Around the World Unknown.  Fukishima and if California would to fall into the sea Atlantis, California may age just like of the bottom sea land geographically identically.  Atlantis.

Ebola of Dallas Military sent to combat Ebola.  The Cold that person(child) after 9/11 during 43rd President Term.  Or to coming.  Shiva Ebola Virus sense or in the making?

Tried to Contact
FSB                CIA            KISA         VAJAR          MOSSAD  |                   Naicho                                                 |       CSIS/SIRC        EU-Asia Intelligence     NIA    mostly, etc after that.
                                     (Unable)                   (Unable)                         Unable                                                             Unable                    ?????
(Java)                                                                                                                                                                    (Java)          
(Unable)       (Twitter)        (Unable)                  (Twitter?)|     (Twitter)  (Tag System? Person(child) did not realize.)           |   (Not Twitter)       (Twitter?)                 Twitter
                                                                    |        (Outside Contact person(child) didn't know 'C' mean that's before tag system of 'C'.)|

Person(child) accidentally slipped into Argentina in search engine. Person(child) didn't mean to slipped search Argentica on search engine.   And Two Chopper Crash.  Unsure what type. Civilian or military.  *****Updated 3/11 10 People die in chopper.  Count what person(child) of Intelligency Agency contacted.  "There's two branch of Canada Intelligence?"***  "Never Understament the power of Intel(Information) Every Intel worth quote is challenge and players been watch unknown replay must be hacked or watched without replay.   ***  The helicopter of Argentina and Helicopter of the US maybe after US Helicopter Laser Tech deep in the past in may cross in someway, talked in (2-1) to people who read it.  Declassification Violation due to Super-Solider taking out the declasssifier talked in 2-1, weakness of the US is upon declassification, and then Super-Solider taking out the declassifier.  Also Super-Solider taking out the declassifer even up to Defcon 1 Declassfication Violation.  Defcon 1 Declassfication Violation. Defcon 1 Declassfication Violation. Defcon 1 Declassfication Violation. Wiping out an empire and anything to procure "Your History is a Lie Everything about is lie."  And "Your History is a Lie Everything about is lie.  On Military, Spy, and Scientist."  Talked before Super-Solider that acts like Scientist (10a.) of Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob.  WTC NY.  If now if WTC Dallas hit US reacts and maybe invaded 'US own way of Erasing themselves from History" Universal Time struck again, or country strong enough or setting prying an army strong to defeat the US.  Universal Time Struck US would be erasing themselves from history the one fighting would be remember?  Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob
Clinton stopped at 9 9/11.  Some future President will may stopped at 6.  The fear of '6' can be push to '666'.

Person(child) recalled Cyber Army.  Is it military? Or ????

Person(child) met Super-Spy by word able to read fingerprints by speed and haste.  "Someone riding down the WTC.???"

If said all in sametime.

Far-fetch by chance.
"B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage."       Super-Solider        "WTC Dallas"  Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.
"V-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage."       Super-Spy            WTC NY       Person(child) witness this on TV.  Can't remember when what sense to turn on the TV to able to see it.  Witness Both Planes Crash?
                                                                                                                            Person(child) can not fully remember.  Person(child) can not remember witnessing the first plane crash.
"Being2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage."    Super-Scientist       

If they said all unanimously maybe able to track the real head.  Like Power Rangers?  And one were to get caught/killed? be unable to find the head.

World War II Rocket.  After World War II Rocket used for Space.  Russia and Allies.  Japan is innocent.  Von Braun.  V and B.

D in DARPA's Map is missing.  But looking at all angles on the map of the screen shifting your body your eyes.  You can see the 'near' proximity B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  But if you were to look with CRT would it be different?  Person(child) recall saying CRT two CRT helps build your arms a few laugh in chat.  Person(child) monitor CRT's thrown out forcefully, unable to check if it's true.  Always wonder too how CRT HDMI and look at the cost was very high?  Person(child) recall looking at CRT making your eyes red guardians recall person(child) turns red, even at some point accused of using drugs,but really looking at the CRT.
Web by NoodleboxTV
Ghost City of China Elevator.  NFL Elevator.  White House Elevator.
All 3 people may have died or 6 people have died.   Head of the White House Security 'infiltrated'?.  Head of NFL delayed 'infiltrated?'.  China's Ghost Cities 'Infilitrated<-?'.   And person(child) witness someone on elevator in China 'Ghost Cities'? in video getting hurt and title death.
Person(child) stopped on the Physics Book and made an error on physic problem related to elevator problem of being lighter or heavier.  Physics book did not have Von Brauhn as well.

CRT of person(child) making eyes red.  And all legalization of drugs in the US.
All 3 or 6 People may have died.  Or pulled a prank to reach top.

CoD AW : Person(child) felt/should turn on the US and destroy all the of the 'US' and the US would let them, the equipment and 'everything equipment-wise'.  Person(child) remember Germany's Wall.  Thinking NASA Science and Tech of NASA that led of the quote heard.   Destroy all the 'Equipment be Barbarian?'  But you lose '?????????????????????????'  Japan is innocent.

Maybe Sony was hacked was due CRT-HDMI?  CRT was '$1000+ dollars?' last time check.

2nd to Last CRT Monitor person(child) ever had was 1600x1200 85HZ.  The other have not fully explore but 15'? Last CRT Monitor


The Monitor off by one.  84HZ.  Guardians threw it away and person(child) wanted to keep it.  84 can also relate to person(child) vehicle.  Everything that address before off by one.
The CRT 1600x1200 Monitor 85HZ.  That Electronic Store was on clearance and closed down.

The quote "Tear this wall down".  Also applied to the US as well NASA/Science/?????? wall as well.
The Alice can be apply be caution.

China Manufacturing "Pollution" to push out the Radiation of Fukishima.  But US jobs needed in the US.  US or the World spend for China to manufacturing to continue to push out the Radiation of Fukishima.  Europe has radiation too due from the WTC.  Person(child) remember a video about economy one side pushes to another.  Then the other pushes to the other side.  It pushes more?  Ghost Cities it pushes more from 'existing' cities?  Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob Dubai discuss.  Universal Time struck people moved out, Dubai and sites, radiation ages things of Europe of US as well, Dubai, the ground from all around the world?  Kept the original time unsure of the temperature effecting sediments but 'preserve' by heat. Leaning Tower of Pisa , Time-Travel Possession and WTC Monument.  Dubai Two Leaves and WTC Monument.   Fusion Reactors but Fukishima.  Person(child) four flatten pennies and the quadrillions.

Person(child) afraid and shock people not knowing.  Is there more to democracy?  Pushing a leader you know and voting for into the not knowing.  The knowing level that people vote and only the knowing level that they know then hope for the best into the not knowing level.  But person(child) education talked (see/serach 8a. of Kennedy Assassination N Japan's '9/11''s + US/Glob).


Japan never had winter?  But now have winter?  Winter and the Fukishima.  Winter Nuclear/ Nuclear Winter.  Person(child) don't know Winter and Nuclear /// or Heat? Nuclear or Nuclear Heat.  Japan is innocent though.  There can be more symbolism as well.  Ice Globe. Person(child) smell of an broken Ice Glob of the past before.  The blog dissapear unknown of Japan's Situation unknown when, but always thought Japan is always Happy.  Unknown of Japan during if it was winter after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Winter now in Japan Fukishima.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan life span said have a long life expectancy, unknown of Japan Winter and Fukishima.  Japan is innocent.  When using spellchecker on Fukishima it goes to Kagoshima but Kago-meaning(Divine Protection).

Person(child) may have encounter snow in summertime once.  It was bright yellow yet snowflakes falling.  'Don't eat yellow snow.'  Person(child) must have forgot, the snow in summertime.

Universal Time which slow or faster?  Person(child) talk and wrote about slid in way before slowing of the earth.
Person(child) slide a bit before pumping gas, Russia Asteroid unknown.

Unknown of this article.….  Person(child) passed news that it's 1000 Nuclear to crack open the earth.  Universal Time Struck unknown.  Is there physics equation maybe by chance pure Energy slowing the earth.  Pure speeding the Earth.  Physics Equation nuclear warhead pure energy affecting the earths rotation.  Or by chance the real strength of the WTC hit from NYC that hit by explosion radiation affected the Earth Rotation that slow the earth many fraction of second.  The slow nerd punch?  Alaska the US has a face now?  Or dinosaur clone research.  The length time and plan?  Generation upon Generation upon Generations.  Person(child) shrunk and grew relating Leaning Tower of Pisa - 'Max Height' Supplement.  Krispy Kreme "Energy"?  Tranfersing the WTC strength someway to rotate the earth.  Creation of Krispy Kreme 'surge'?   Shock and Awe, Awe the Slow Nerd Punch slowing of the Earth,  Shock the Speeding of the Earth.

Elizabeth Park.  44th President Election.  WTC Bombing -Sabotage.  Elizabeth Park person(child) met cab driver maybe go missing.  More to uber.  Person(child) has RFID.  Pray for cab driver, really innocent.  Not the other the news cover may slander.  All the news cover terrorism is really after the cab driver but truly innocent.  Due to involve maybe the 44th President Election.  Many years before the president election.  Cab driver in different Country but involved of the presidential election 44th president, Elizabeth Park.  Cab Driver Capture can mean Submarine Capture can mean Malaysia Airline Capture.  Cab Driver missing can mean Submarine Missing and Malaysia Airline missing.

Four Flatten Pennies of Person(child)
Four Presidential Ships
Four WTC
Four Golf
Four Years a Term
Person(child) did not went to NY WTC after 9/11 may have elongated the Dallas WTC?
Yet NY went to person(child)?  Person(child) doesn't know. of accussation of Japan.  Person(child) cannot remember when Fukishima hit Japan.   Japan is innocent.  Darker than Black 2 person(child) randomly stopped the episode on Hei in a bubble.  Kago on spell checker on Fukishima, translated on Vietnamese(detected). But. Must have sparked something unknown but Japan is innocent.

Web by NoodleboxTV

Person(child) ran into documentary that all stealth is visible is the word twisted on the map.  Again if you look at the map at all angles from your screen and monitor can see the the handle and lighter tinted color.  The three artist drew round meat.  But flipped it's still round.  Person(child) also talked about CRT unknown.  Person(child) remember meat then covered with ant at wedding of hotel but way way before the CRT talked.  It was marked of moving to another room and and maybe return broiled?grilled?whole/uncut/pig/meat.

Person(child)'s four flatten pennies.  Coin Machine.  They said higher concentration of Zinc would be cheaper and less compound of the newer penny.  But the coin machine wear tear of the new penny may cost more than the old?  1000 Miles person(child) travel.  And song from Japan 1000 Miles and Japan is innocent.


Far-Fetch Theory
Mig in Louisiana              Super-Solider                          Person(child) stumble Name Guild Tag on game and was banned, Name Guild Tag is 'random' not controlled.
State Skip

Missouri                       Super-Spy                              Person(child) did visit Missouri? have photos but no taken people this is way way way before Ferguson.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead field of view
                                                                               Princess Diana's death.
State Skip
????  of Minnesota           Super-Scientist                       The Fusion reactor?  Person(child) heard it from somewhere?

The Attack on the 44 President Quote?  Missouri person(child) travel from one location to Missouri travels of "J" not sure of the V.  Maybe the V is the Mig?  Person(child) doesn't know of the travel path of the Mig.
Arizona of Relating scene travel path to Missouri.  Mig and or Person(child) , EU B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead during 9/11 flight path?  Radiation travel from NY WTC Hit to Europe of England.  1/10 maybe involve?  Person(child) enjoyed the song 'Diced Chicken Jazz' yet and during the music video relate to may WTC.  'Diced Chicken Jazz' deleted of originally uploaded but still be can be found timing dated may be off a bit.  The artist is innocent.

Police discipline, spies discipline as police as they are.
If looking on the MapThe states  SISIS Super-Soldier-Louisana, Skip State, Super-Spy-Missouri, Skip State, Super-Scientist-Missouri
The Ferguson thing.  Person(child) never took photos/record video with cellphone.  If someone were to hack the cellphone while recording video and setting the shot and people focus on their cellphone and not focus of the surrounding can 'they' get away?  If someone were to hack the cellphone while recording video and setting the shot and people focus on the cellphone and not focus of the surrounding can and like the shot and view that best compels to them, can 'they' get away, 'that it feels so good'?  What if massive hack thing tapping all 'cellphone' with some supercomputer.  What if massive hack thing tapping all 'cellphone' with some supercomputer to one scene of event.  The super advance on all/multiple scene of 'interest'.
Person(child) been FIB Front Yard Bullet that was talked in the past 2-14???.  It maybe in connection of Bruce Lee's son death.

Person(child) flat four pennies.  1.8 Gigapixel DARPA               .   18,000 Dows     B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage US.
                                                 ????pixel ????? at the time.    ?????? Dows.   Princess Diana

Person(child) taunted the 44th President relative, But England unwilling???.  But person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage of the field of view of Princess Diana's death.  Person(child) didn't know and realize and didn't want to take advantage as well of that 'situation'. 

Person(child) the flock and flock and flock of birds that felt like miracle.  Person(child) tied one bird down by the leg.  Talk of (2a.)  Can it also relate to Princess Diana? the landmines.  Also person(child) encounter news children running through to clear land mines.  As to Alaska dinosaur clone research that was talked before.
Creed Revalation and First Creed.  The stars.  First Creed Person(child) stopped at the hospital mission of doctors leg, and died at the water Steve Irwin, person(child) the aquatic organism from Troll?  Revelation Altair's side, the high building with no hay, Time-Travel-Possession?  The Gun from the, Bruce Lee where person(child) been FIB.  The foundation shacking as you try to climb due to the apple Max Height person(child) grew shrink relating Leaning Tower of Pisa now of Dubai.

Person(child) banned from Social Studies and English. Taking 2ndary English Course eyed on Nitroglycerine idioms NG?  Creation of Command and Conquer, Nod and GDI.  That Seconadry as the Main Language teacher mysteriously said to die of cancer after that.  Marinas Web Level 5 Polymeric Falighol Derivation?  Things may branch out to Tor after this statement.  Nitroglycerine person(child) can not remember if there was drawing activity involve, but there was graphical diagram of that idiom.  It later branch out in a movie about an explosive tiny in size the massive amount of explosion.  Derivation person(child) stopped ask what is that person tried to answer/teach dt and the equation behind it a random event and random question to ask?  Soon after way way way later person(child) ask other question of science that branch out? or remembered? that person soon shrug and doesn't know/forgets?, person(child) frustrated high marks of that of that person, only doing to make it for the grade felt.

Japan's '9/11''s more of and US/Globe 9/11 (Non-Fiction) 

***Updated 3-28**

1.See 10a.…

There maybe a super-spy in Japan

"According to the family's lawyer, the 28-year-old staff member worked at A-1 Pictures as a full-time employee from 2006 to December 2009. During that time, the animation company managed the working hours recorded on the time cards, but medical facilities caring for the staff member record he worked 600 hours a month." 600 flipped 900 9/11.

Person(child)'s 4 flatten pennies, and anime animator require workload of 4000 Pages.  And Creed Revelation pointed out $4000. 4 People BP Oil Spill. (-Хорошо)  過労死? ((-Хорошо, HugNKisses Power-Chocolate?-.) '(-Хорошо which like a wand of Kannagi.  The flash and sense may clue to Princess Diana.) The overworked worker may have been bitten by an ant at the side of the leg near the shin.  Person(child) was also bitten by a fire ant at the leg side of the leg near the shin deep in the past, fire ant from Africa?(萌え?)-they are quite huge, Person(child) also wanders around the other neighbor noone seems to have the red fire ants(it was pure red fire ants not seen on the internet photos, and their size is quite huge).  Can it be more to those huge 'red' fire ants they don't spread, but live very extended amount of time many years in their nest, even siege by water and fireworks.  Sparked and spurred the telekentic weapon but it existed 20-40 Years ago.

The A-1 Staff Worker that may be bit by an ant.  If you were to stand up, and stomp on the floor, and the ant drops, witness by movies and anime(Japan is innocent) it can relate to the World Trade Center.  Or for Kennedy, the real aim and focus is the aim is the victim's legs and shin area.  And the motion,notion,field of view, premonition, ballistics.  Another anime series…,  3.4?/3.2? Earthquake somewhere national(not Japan) US, may also be bitten by an ant, 3.4/3.2 can relate to dinosaur clone research, and Kennedy Assassination speed velocity of traveling?  The fire ant and stomp, can relate to 21 shots fired with Kennedy?

Person(child) also stop on page Guinness that relates to China.  That relates to 6 giving birth, can it relate Japan situation as well due to 2006 and 2009 6 and 9.  Documentary passed Japan's extinction.  Uzi 9 Year Old, can it relate to another 6 ?  On the pages stop Guinness it talk about assassination of Bill Cliton.  Yet the news did not address it.  B-2 Bomber nuclear warhead been sabotage yet the news did not really talk about of where person(child) witness it.  DARPA's map the D map is missing and US in the drought.  If the news didn't address it what does it mean?  Clinton assassination attempt and failed.  Also turtle that a ballon travels thousands of mile about turtle ingestion but how they track the balloon and know the location of that turtle?

Super-Spy hands action?/pose?/????? discussed in , when rendering anime animation. 4000 Pages, movement speed impact, can the speed relate the frame rate of video?  Pages, cut?  Pages shift?  How to render pages in during anime animating?  Person(child) remember being side rammed by a vehicle while driving and have broken aquarium at the back to due to it, those four flatten pennies from person(child) imagining encounter looks/feel vehicle//////////// Japan is innocent. Certain scene in Kannagi?  Leg Scene from Kannagi and Leg scene Tamako Market OP.  K-on ED2.

Japan Earthquake Rictheor Scale 11 Fukishima.  Person(child) heard the news on person at the sea.
****Deeply Far-fetch and theoretical and Japan previous earthquake when tsunami struck they people may have dissapear.  Mean/Scary hackers and they timed with that earthquake and dissapear them, hackers that are more than just money.  "See (6a.) South US"  The more 'social media???? focus?' check themselves "see/search (7a.)"  "Internet Argument and End of All Arguments already discuss"***  Person(child) saw an artist that drew pulling the 'plug' on a electronic device.  Plugging out saying yet timed with the hacker that makes people dissapear in their complex/simple method.  It can be real due to Fukishima.  The also fear, age and a documentary on extinction, age unable to travel of their mobility by age to check.

***Caution for only 44th President saying it SETI survelliance something****
Person(chlid) purchase and obtain a small green book?  Way before 9/11 and Election of the 44 President.  A book about focus medidation, about rolling your tounge back (like a snake?).  Also about a passage of meditation of very cold water in the cold mountains and the cold wet towel evaporated.  A book about focus medidation, about rolling your tounge back.  If you roll your tounge back and "B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage" it sounds like the name of the 44 Presidents.  The length of time plan or premeditation not by the author, but the Super-?????????.  The length of time plan of setting up way before 9/11 of WTC.  That green book mysteriously disappear and person(child) can't find it.

*****And also the 43 President during 9/11*** Addressing Above

Confusion Area
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead Haiyan.  Taiwan plane crash, Super-Solider has Coms of Taiwan defense of Taiwan plane crash, and also the coms if B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead and Haiyan that B-2 Bomber also coms of it as well.  Military tactics? unknown? if Super-Soldier has com of Taiwan plane crash and it merges as civilian in some way?   Or at redalert? if they change the coms due to civilian?  And or known the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead slipping past Taiwan?  They know B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead coms.  Super-Solider/Super-spy? can tap or know the coms of Taiwan of suggestion from the US to Taiwan Coms, or other nations?  Something merges with Civilian and Military.  B-2 Bomber With Nuclear Warhead Haiyan.  Maybe something that makes Taiwan 'independant' a good/bad way?  Can there also be something else as well.  The World Leader touch/visit Malaysia.  Malaysia plane disappearance and Asiana Plane sabotage, unknown of Super-Spy,Super-Solider, and Super-Scientist.

The Super-Spy Hand Pose - Judo Chop, and Spock Hands.   Chernobyl and Fukishima the controllers/monitor folks and 'before?' them the Super-Spy has infiltrated them. 'Shock and Awe?'  And person(child) was side hit from from the side of a vehicle while driving.  Chernobyl and Fukishima the controller and switch, and pushing the switch forward.  Person(child) vehicle had crack aquarium at the back this is way before Fukishima Earthquake, remember a vehicle that side ram.  Anime animator workload of pages same force pushing the switch in the control reactor?  Person(child)'s velocity while driving and side hitted and aquarium crack stepping on the pedal, also can relate person(child) leg bitten by an ant but ant was not killed die, person(child) not killed?.    Long pages anime scene that moment of impact?/  it may slighly relate.  Something 'Shock and Awe-ish.  And then it relates to Fukishima.  Looking on the Map of Fire ants of US.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage at person(child)'s location during 9/11.  The symbolism.  01 the  Zero becomes O becomes O  1 Red at the Bottom. 01 = 01 or 01. The sense and symbolism the phone? lines been cut?  Or the way person(child) drive?  Super-Spy,Super-Solider,Super-Scientist the hand pose if your Judo Hand and Spock if you were to raise your Spock hand your Judo hand would open a little, like a hydralic/car jack.  And the symbolism and maybe the terminator.   01 Bridge and World Trade Center.  San Fran Korea Airline and WTC 9/11 and person(child) witness a B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  It merges Military B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage DARPA's Map of D is missing Seti getting the Com of 'Go Nuclear' due to the World Trade Center was hit Military Spy Crosses, Scientist(being two places at once,Time Travel Possession), SPY(Princess Diana(person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage field of view related to Princess Diana.  01 01 Symbolism of Greek as well, Shield and Spear.

Person(child) stumble an acho website not sure how and why.  Mysteriously Telekinetic Weapon flipped on but person(child) knows telekentic weapon on sky can't fully put the finger on that the 'telekinetic weapons in the sky' yet everyone denies it, but it was saying military 'something'.  Earthquake Happen in Japan.  Did something cross?  , But to find the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage(not yet realized to not seeing the DARPA MAP- Person(child) cannot remember when seeing the US drought map.    Person(child) touch White House website nothing else and not DARPA.  ///// Later, But after person(child) forgot of, due to assume everyone saw the B-2 Bomber, but looking on DARPA's Map it is not and person(child) shocked was shocked.  Acho - Some military signal from telekentic weapon beaming on person(child), clue and toy of finding where B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead but person(child) 'unaware' of how Telekinetic Weapon 'work' and something cross? 'Super-Solider, Super-Scientist, and Super-Spy.  Telekentic Signal-Military-ish Coms, Acho-'reaction' outside, earthquake Japan.

-Dissapear Websites And books and...
A Wikipage Dissapear                                    Website
DARPA Gigapixel and address casulties.             -Website…
Real Life Doll on Motherboard Vice.  Said to be found on 4chan?           -Website
?????????Sea of Japan hacked the map on site used to be Sea of something.   C of Japan.    Talk  -There can be more of something?  Maybe 1/10 or Taper or Sabotage/Missing.
The Green Little Book on focusing - Book
The Memory Book                      - Book
Person(child)'s figurine               - ?????? it was then later showed Red Alert 3 of statue talk

Thyroid 'cancer of France as to Thyroid of Vietnam(iodine deficiencies).
FCVID if switch around DIVCF/DIVFC/DOVAC
France Thyroid Cancer Vietnam Iodine Deficiencies

V=B= Books

Highway of Death HoD/HoT 'Some Korean Song - Hoi Hoi Hoi Hoi'

Highway of Death Iraq                           Iraq Military
Highway of Death South US                    Red Cars + Trucks wrecked miles away and felt kill driver's and passengers dissapear                                                            -Rekt
Highway of Death England                      Princess Diana's Death
Highway of Death SlightMidBelow US        NORAD???- B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead, yet angle trajectory locate the 'spy/assassin' of Princess's Diana 9/11

Person(child) Video Video, Real Life Real Life.   VVWW


The 'D' on DARPA Map is missing.  Diana or B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead.    BARPA /DARPA /  .  Person(child)'s location. DARPA's Map 'civilian' due to 'Diana' yet DARPA's military.  And person(child), RFID  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.

World Money???? Situation

Person(child)'s four flatten pennies.
Kennedy = KeggyDy
Pennedy = PeggyDy the aim for the leg.
Person(child)'s RFID the four places located.

4Penny                    = Fourp'enney / Fourp eggy
4Kenny                    = 'Fourk'enney / Fourk eggy.

Person(child) Time-Travel-Possession, WTC 9/11,  A person address of someone riding down the WTC to person(child), Federal Reserve, WTC Monument.  Federal Reserve is now merge as 'religion'?    When person(child) with four flatten pennies,  there was chatter of someone stolen money from church.  Can it relate with situation with Federal Reserve now?  The Quadrillions.  Bit Coins and Quadrillions.  Bit Coins and Quadrillions and Religion?

DARPA's 1.8 Gigapixel.  Stock exchange at 18,000.  The timing of the telekentic weapon zapping person(child).  Person(child) did stumble 'religion' related website that high giga-pixel camera after browsing DARPA website of Iraq casualties, person(child) stumble at that website 'religion' website several years ago.  But now the stock is 18,000.

Time-Travel Possession, 3.4 Earthquake Person(child) of person's child house,  person(child) next move to a house with the foundation off, WTC 9/11 then WTC Monument.    4 Monuments, WTC Monument, Washington Monument, Houston Monument, Egypt Monument.  Looking at Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The 4 Monuments, and Leaning Tower Pisa.  Person(child)'s house the foundation is off.  The Pyramid and other 'Religion' sites might be affected.  Dubai now created two leaves.  Person(child) cannot remember which side of the WTC fall when dreamt way way before 9/11 as event.  Person(child) remember a movie that said one pencil impaling one of the two male organs.  Dubai(Two Leaves) and Size of WTC Monument.  Symbolism Two Leaves and Size of WTC Monument(derogatory)/(mistletoe)/(relegious??).  Dubai having pieces of the foundations of 'religious' sites around the world.  The Pyramid and other 'Religion' sites might be affected due the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

WTC Monument Time-Travel-Possession
Washington Monument - Earthquake
Houston Monument - Weather
Egypt - ????????

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa and its argument.

Person(child) a consume product of Max Height. And that company mysteriously disappeared.  And the returned a check to person(child) of due to some issue of Max Height.   Person(child) grew and then shunk relating the Leaning To Pisa.  And 44th President.  Symbolism of Mario.  And the quote saying 'Keep it Real' see and search (2a.)  Person(child) also caught a quote attraction of/at 5'11" height or taller?.  Parallel in Real life being being able to grow and shrink that relates to the Leaning Tower of Pisa,  and the 44th president.  5x11= 55?  44  55, 44 President, 55 Leaning Tower of Pisa 183 Ft off by one 184, age person(child)'s vehicle at time 84.

Person(child) always wonder why not build WTC when it and it didn't make sense and stopped.

But after seeing D missing DARPA Map B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and US in a drought.

The Federal Reserve reaction rate upon uncover be measure in their movement and reaction rate.  Not sure anything be decoded.  Looking at Youtube sites that may wrap around military.  Person(child) has link and landed 7 views of all the lingo link, nooks and crannies entire military,research,government and infrastructure,federal reserve, and stuff like Fort Knox,  National of the US or Global?  The engrave that of those flatten those pennies can observe, unweave the entire works of the Federal Reserve, from bank vaults,printing machine, maybe counterfeiting of other nation, and other anti-counterfeiting measure, all the whatever?  Youtube ads money trinkle in some shifty? way. Person(child) has that was 7 views that relates and 'said' 'Secrets of 9/11' yet the webaddress that of all government and security it falls in place cutting world government and world security, with all the lingo that was use.

Person(child) didn't understand Creative Common policy of deviantart and person(child) grogy as well checking on option and the Checking off.  Apple Itunes hacked playings songs, when person(child) switch option on and option off of the Creative Common.  and then Steve Jobs mysterious passing.  Ask support to deviantart, about Creative Commons and more options, and deviantart tells to send e-mail.Deviantart Commission Panel  and Creative Commons policy options of deviantart, that loophole sound of 'impact'.  Can the whole world currency of the whole world can be suck through there with high frequency trading?  Is there a loophole?  Deviantart Pixiv DP BP?    Particle Accelerator that was on during 9/11'.  What if they 'closed' their user account?    Closed their user account and print, decoding the entire world financial system,security system,goverment  system, even military branches person(child) encounter a photo that's military it may then be connnected to games internationally and the of sound and of it's impact, 'Science system' Creative Commons policy and Deviantart Commission Panel.  'Time-Travel-Possession' with 9/11 (science),  "Art of War"-(Deviantart,spy) the particle accelerator impact of Bitcoins-Deviantart Panel-Creative Commons,  (crossing of x)  Super-Solider B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage NASA and decoding the Nuclear Warhead Silos of US or the World Nuclear Warhead Silos and Time.   DeviantArt members 25 million members but now 35,000 Members they can now hack into DeviantArt Commission Page, Creative Commons with policy then close the account or leave the account open of to commission of creative common policy.

Quadrillion with those Flatten Pennies.  Not sure of what the appearance is Is there a symbolism?  Not sure what it is.  But maybe be played music of the of the Federal Reserve?

4Penny                    = Fourp'enney / Fourp eggy
4Kenny                    = 'Fourk'enney / Fourk eggy.

Oval =  Daenkei = だえんけい、だえんけお = Daenkeo = A song from Clannad.  The sort xylophone really the sound 4 flatten pennies of person(child) of the BGM of the Clannad ED song.  Japan is innocent.

Far-fetch maybe the four flatten pennies drop and the sound it makes can it relate to surface?  Maybe the WTC but the height of the WTC or maybe 1/10 of the height drop or the location of Super-Solider,Super-Spy,Super-Scientist meeting was at.  But dropping the flatten four pennies may at location WTC feels tribute-ish.

Far-fetch maybe those the four flatten pennies if they were to fit the entire WTC.  Of cost?  Service and non-service cost?  Of taking out the WTC?


Sabotage and Missing Encounter
Person(child)'s computer crashed/hacked??? and went missing marked by S.O.S. and Vocaloid?
Person(child)'s witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and went missing marked DARPA and Map of the US drought.

SM?  ドs ドm。  Person(child) watch an anime episode but that relates to ドs ドm。

(4a.) Person(child) mysterious saw dissapearance of 140,000 on BiliBili . TV.  And person(child) the word Rekt already talk on ,  All Red Car+Trucks wrecked and abandoned on snowy highway that odd mysterious emptiness of those vehicles -Highway of Death.  There maybe some sense.  Chat clue in the work REKT - super-spy must waved up the word. Way before Rekt, Person(child) made a grade of 140 in class, another person attending class after the half a year said there was no more curve.  Person(child) drew something related a fish and pet fished passed away.  And news before pet fished died a person that was 140,000 Years old found.

140,000 BiliBili missing
140,000 Years Old Person found
140,000 Fled Middle East
140,000 Casualties in the Middle East
????   DARPA Casualties Report and relation of their Gigapixel Satellite and that website dissapeared…
14,000 California due to Fukishima but person(child) witness radiation symbol on a building in California can that be a taper, or Kancolle saying Long Range, High Speed, Amount of Explosive, the taper person(child) address before, but Japan is innocent.  That length of time they plan Fukishima would be hit with an earthquake, Japan is innocent.
|||||10 Yen?  Something that involve like 38.  48.  Person(child) been extorted by four flat pennies 14? 10 Yen 4 Cent.  Ney 10 Dough?  Flat Pennies= Dough?     Ney 10 Yon? Ney 10 Noy. Ney 10 Orz?  Ney10_(:3」∠)_? NEET?TEEN?  Ney10Yo=NEETINO=as Latino? Person(child) vehicle 84 used and wrapped in vines, sealed? by a cover, then Inyuasha?.  Adding Tamako Market the Flat Pennies Mochi as in Dough?  Person(child) always thought it was imaginary Tamako Market.  Bought a Mochi that was wrapped, sawed the complex? ingredients at the back, on the net or peek on the social media sites zero talk about Mochi ingredients or anything, person(child) frown.||||
Person(child) made a 140 in Class
140 Years Old Person in Malaysia

Far-fetched, The US against overwhelming odds and least damage and casualties would use 'missing' due to "We don't negotiate with Terrorist" brings military??  If it was sabotage it would bring "Civilian-Investigators??"  Malaysia Military , Asiana Investigation-Civilian.  It only works on Civilian airplanes?

Person(child) location of B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead during 9/11 it may be blossom effect to outer, person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead, the angle that can link to Princess Diana's death, time?-instant? and it then branches out of  Sabotage and Missing after that.  Person(child) caught a quote 1000 Nuclear Bomb that can crack open the earth can it relate?  Maybe notion anything to do 'divide by zero' by crossing.  Science, Military, Spy.

Thrown at Person(child).                      Weakness thrown and the crosses.
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  The sabotage trigged by 'go nuclear' quote of centcom own doing                                                       -Solider - Military,Spy          -Cross
SETI Coms 'going nuclear' during 9/11                                                                                                                                                                -Science - Military Science  -Cross
Princess Diana's Death angle of the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, and person(child) hair and relates to King Charles Hair,Angle of 9/11"    -Spy         Spy Military        -Cross                      
NORAD person(child) witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead and the nose of person(child) hit   "Rudolph"                                                               - Art?    
||||Time-Travel-Possession person(child) dreamed of WTC way before 9/11 'as an event' and after 9/11 another person quoted riding off the WTC to
person(child),  And now WTC Monument  green, placed where person(child) felled in dream.  Marked of where also where WTC Bomb is located as wel            -Science -     Religion -crossed l
underneath   |||||                                                                                        
Telekinetic Weapon Coms that 'Echo and Delta' to remember where B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage pass 9/11                                       -
News merge and address this                                                                                                                                                                           - ????
4 Flatten Pennies and the Quadrillion                                                                                         - Spy      Time-Travel Possession, WTC then WTC Monument, Science First, Spy 2nd, then WTC Monument Relegion DE Defcon + Game Genie ????   See/Search (5a.)                                                                                                    -???????????    - ???????? -????????? -??????

'Anything to divide by zero.'  And the 'End of All Arguments'

Super-Scientist - that acts like Spy?  Time Travel Possession then WTC Monument built and not by Super-Scientist's Will,THe WTC Monument. ?????"Making it sound Theoretical but it's Actual."?  "Undercover making
                       sound 'Theoretical' but it's Actual', make them laughs but yet spies know to be cold and of no emotion and someone documents it, Search (1a.).  Austin Power the Rocket is an example, Person(child) RFID
Super-Soldier - that acts like Scientist.  Taking out military personnel to build the momentum of remaining to build that Super-Solider predicts and knows and see ahead of time tech and production?? .  B-2 Bomber
                     with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  And Super-Solider also taking out the declassifier.  Super-Solider also teching up also taking key military personnel to tech them.  And makes others like scientist
                     make them the 'sound theoretical but actual' like scientist.
Super-Spy - that like a Solider seeing a weakness?  Plane Crash in Taiwan yet Super-Solider has Com of.  "   That makes other 'see a weakness' militar-ish, DARPA Giga-pixel 1.8 and Dow 1,800 an example.

Person(child) always look and check out a book that involves pennies and force and physics very elementary? level book, and sliding the pennies person(child), and how to make paper airline book. Due checking out library of the penny physics book and folding paper airplane book  Travel to Cali, four pennies that was flatten  -Super-Spy
Person(child) as feel of the top bunk bed and landed on corner of white table , dreamt of falling the WTC 'as event' way before of 9/11.  WTC down and now a monument place, Cross with Military, Science and Religion, and Spy.  Galileo  - Time-Travel-Possession - Super-scientist and person(child) watch 'First Contact' never understand why they call it boring
Person(child) bitten by an ant but nevered killed it, but sieging and Ant Hill with Water and Fireworks - Telekinetic Weapon -Super-Solider

"Elementary my dear child"

Person(child) bought since elementary from a school catalogue (School Catalogue Troll??? person(child) can not fully remember catalouge name it may be Troll)
Of an organism that's dormat for unknown or unlimted years the egg that look like plain dirt, then hatch when add water and they hatch breed, Person(child) ran out of food and they began to eat eachother, many many many years later Heart of the Swarm is out       'Theory if the can be 'air-borned'  - The other 'school or habitats of lifeforms of other planets of the apperance of dirt but there life/lifeforms when add water and hatch.  The real meaning of Troll is a School Catalogue.  And the trolls that speaking out their minds, to point of getting ban and people say 'No Trolling',.  Alpha Centari, Heart of the Swarm.  Maybe to find to Super-Scientist be unrestricted.  Or theory can be made, that they threw dirt.  Theory can be made since it's 20-40 Years ago throwing this dirt on the Shuttle or Rover in present time.  The organism look like Stingray. But many many many years later, an Australian Steve Irwin said to die by Stingray puncture not sure where the spot of the body of Steve Irwin.


Kripsy Kreme
Kennedy Assassination The numbers of Krispy Kreme and aiming of the leg of the Kennedy Assassination.  The Number of Actual Donuts stack of the WTC, and Donuts to hit Leg of Kennedy of Assassination.  1/10  Person(child) leg been bit by an ant or not 1/10.  The Impact,  WTC was hit but the middle.  Yet person(child) dreamt of falling of the WTC 'as an event' way before 9/11 and a person address to person(child) about riding of the WTC.  The WTC Bomb, but maybe at location person(child) falling of WTC(dreamt) and possible going through floor may end meeting the where the bomb is located. hoooooo as to 4oooo.  The impact of the WTC hit.  Person(child) can not remember which side of the WTC falled at when dreamed, but to meet up of where WTC bomb was located.  A movie talked having male organ instead of two due a pencil.  Surface creation of the Creed the falling into safety.  Can it may also relate to the situation in Iraq in Nursery.  Japan's extiction and the Middle East situation.  A sense of earth's magnetic field.

Kenndy the shooter, and the focus on the leg.  Impact and notion.  WTC the focus hitting on the 'leg'  Person(child) landing while dreamt,.

Can it be the from the nuclear bomb test it slightly shifted and calculation is off, instead dropping straight down?

Super-Spy, Super-Scientist, Super-Solider. The Judo Hand and Spock if put together and try to switch.  2KY / and if you were to switch hand, Y2K.  Something with the human mind.  To make a person crash?  2000 Said computer would crash but if somewhere to link all the databanks and and link merge.

Person(child) a few game FPS , and lethal shots to non-lethal shots.  It can relate to Kennedy,  person(child) due to not social with anyone,but person(child) dazed by telekentic weapon but before shifting lethal to non-lethan shots in FPS game.

Being 2 Places at one spot length and location.

Charter Deep Web Level 4
Marianas' Deep Web Level 5

Atlantis person(child) four flatten pennies.  And California and the Big One if it were to fall.  All the earthquakes around the world.  If the lead to fall of California or saved California.  The quadrillion if California=Atlantis.…; Gallium Proccessor as to (DARPA 1 THZ Processor…)

Earthquake Bomb is military.  Military/countries fighting eachother to decode it.  To prevent earthquakes or protect the controlled earthquakes.  Fukishima Rictoer Scale of 11.

It may branch out from ToR of detail.
Military Lives?  Coded into.
Military Decode to prevent so noticeably and fully prevent you may get hit by and earthquake.  But the lives from military or struck from a earthquake civilian.
Civilian Lives?
And to know if to save/destroy California and what it's worth,quadrillion.  California being held hostage or ???????.

Military Personnel Into Universal Time-Slowing of the Earth.  If devoted to Erase themselves History.
Currency tied with Time.  The Quardrillion.

Earthquake Bomb- to lined situation up by richtor scale - Super-Solider - saw a documentary of the earthquake.

Person(child) only reach Level 4 Of Deep Web???

Marianas' Deep Web Level 5????
Person(child) cannot sense which level of deep :
Witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead sabotage been during 9/11 and the angle that can relate to Princess Diana's Death.  Super-Solider, Super-Spy, Super-Scientist.  D in DARPA Map is missing.  Photography taken in Canada Elizabeth Park, Non-US setting up for 'Election'.  Radiation Spread throught the US due B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhed, MADCow surge and people said affected by MADCow B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  Combat Ebola with military now merge MADCow due to B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.
DARPA'S 1.8 Gigapixel, Stock is 18,000.  Person(child) stumble Gigapixel Relegion Site way before and length time to 1.8 Gigapixel and Stock 18,000, but skimmed the New of DARPA Gigapixel Camera first.

Overcoming the 'End of All Arguments'???

Deep Web Level 4?
Looking at…; to measure.
World War II of by one already discuss to be remember.  Imprinting and Remembering History.  World War II becomes World War I World War I becomes World War 0.
Person(child)'s four flatten pennies at California . -Atlantis and the Quadrillions


Universal Time - Super-Scientist head on destroying 'Evolution' due erasing Time.  Person(child) did slide in wrote universal time.  / Strotium Clock now made after.

Viseroid as to Asteroid - Person(child) slide of the time by drawing of the moment of impact by image, then a video at pumping gas.  Nonone seem to acknowledge it ahead of time which is odd or no countdown.

The Four Pennies flatten of person(child)'s  -Bitcoins
Person(child)'s password was literally sent by a magazine -  Monstermind

Telekinetic Weapon
'Circle of Children'
CoD Blacks Op
Creed Revelation
Starcraft 2

Another Far-fetched
The power of weather?  The forming of the map of Antarctica that makes it look like a port.  But did not it's 'controlled' nature.  The Ice Cap did expand.  Ruse or Pres-assemble.
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead Warhead been sabotage and WTC Center hit.   Time-Travel-Possession way many years before 9/11 on person(child).  And then person said
Super-Scientist - "Being 2 Places at once"  "Time Travel Possession"
Super-Spy - ""V-2 Places/Placed at one Spot "" WTC from Sea to Ground launch hitting the WTC""
Super-Solider - If With Muscular act a muscular tone " B-2 places one spot"  "Between Two Places at one Spot"

Toy Story 3 countries taking turns can there a be literal sense to it.

Internet viewers/users separated/ attack of Super-Spy,Super-Solider,and Super-Scientist due to security as they are being divided by situation due such as person(child) witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, the field of view that can relate to Princess Diana, by.  The attack that sectionalize them in their 'countries-ish'/'nationalities-ish-interest' yet. The telekentic weapon switches and flips the switch on everyone proper nationality 'countries-ish'/'nationalities-ish-interest' .  Either United or Conflicted' by Telekentic Weapon on blacking them out/sleeping yet still moving.  Person(child)'s sleepwalking.  "US Jabbed on Special Interest" "National?-International of their Proper Manner or something"
Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear warhead been sabotage that can relate to Princess Diana's death, it may be already setup.

Or if they capture one person or one ant( and or that one ant witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and field of Princess Diana's death.

Super-Spy must have 'toyed' with South Park.  On Episode "How does one kill that has 'no life'?"  Person(child) if yet witnessing a B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and the field of view of Princess Diana.  If not.... .  Person(child) cross about real life dolls and it mysteriously removed and dissapeared.  If person(child) was at that state.

Person(child) wonders and had a chance to visit WTC after 9/11 but decline.  But what would happen if person(child) attended New York and see the WTC after 9/11.


Internet viewers/users separated/ attack of Super-Spy,Super-Solider,and Super-Scientist due to security as they are being divided by situation due such as person(child) witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, the field of view that can relate to Princess Diana, by.  The attack that sectionalize them in their 'countries-ish'/'nationalities-ish-interest' yet. The telekentic weapon switches and flips the switch on everyone proper nationality 'countries-ish'/'nationalities-ish-interest' .  Either United or Conflicted' by Telekentic Weapon on blacking them out/sleeping yet still moving.  Person(child)'s sleepwalked before.  "Jabbed on Special Interest" "National?-International of their Proper Manner or something"  Person(child) recalled a movie 'blacking out 6 seconds' cannot the title.
Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear warhead been sabotage that can relate to Princess Diana's death, it may be already setup.


That Internet was based for military?

Telekentic Weapon is based for ????? ?

Civilian Military Cross?
Person(child) pass through a quote saying 'Keep it Real', person(child) did not realize what it meant.  See/Search (1a.)  'Forgotted'??? Until or See the DARPA's map and the US drought.
Dinosaur Clone        - Seeing a dinosaur when on top cliff.  Many Many Years  it was then later recapped of military video throwing puppy off a cliff.  It maybe trajectory and angle of where the Dinosaur Clone is at.
Universal Time        - Slowing of the Earth , Wrote Universal Time struggle of compiling
Weather Paradigm   - Red Cars+Trucks line in the frozen Highway and felt killed and all the passengers+drivers dissapear, the talk of platinum'weather changin' in a State Sponsor Test +forming 'cloud seeds' with platinum.
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage -  All the Quotes "Being 2 Places at once.
RFID                               -  Person(child) has RFID way before dated the founding RFID
Time-Travel-Possession      -  Person(child) on the top bunk bed with mysteriously ice pack on person(child)'s face/eye/head
Quadrillions                       -  Person(child)'s four flatten pennies - California and 'Atlantis' if they were to sink or ?????.  Person(child) held hostage by the Super-Soldier as to California-Atlantis.  -4 Pennies flatten pennies
                                          to Destroy the US and California.  Or the what ever it takes to cost to Save California.  That Ultimatium thing. 
BP Oil Spill                        -  Person(child)'s game character chataa
Super-Spy                        - Person(child) when checking out or reading a early physics book that involves with penny and force
Super-Scientist                 -  Person(child) purchasing from a 'Troll' Catalogue,  Organism when adding  Water when it hatch it become aquatic organism
Super-Solider                    -  Person(child) always loaded a ton of books in backpack, read and inspire 90 LBS of equipment - militaryocial-thing???.
Fukishima and person(child) was side hit.  Can there be a long trade of blows?  A few websites the long transits language and then transits to English.  8 maybe? Hachi?  If not something else?  That ultimatium.

Ultimatum Thrown at person(child). 
Atlantis and the Quadrillion.

B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and angle of relates to Princess Diana Death.

WTC Monument and Time-Travel-Possession.

The internet argument.  Divided by security situations such as witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage.  But flick of the switch, ideal nationalism of world countries telekentic weaponize.  Sleepwalking.  Global Nationalism identity with no race or skin color.
Symbolism of the US Flag?
Red Ants Topography - person(child) bitten by
Radiation spread from Fukishima -… person(child) was side ram. or 'talked'. 
WTC Hit spreading radiation.
Washington Monument Earthquake
Mt.St. Helen person(child) witness
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage person(child) witness
Highway of Death during Winter person(child) witness
The Stripes of the Flag.  The hit the cross of stripes and flag.  Person(child) remember the Cure for Cancer symbolism.  Is there symbolism of the 7 Cure for Cancer ribbons?  Size chart.  Also plucked hair from person(child) when witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead and it did not grow back.  7R"Seminar"?  SR-7? SL-7?  Seven-11?


Mig Lousiana   -> Louisana -> Haiti Earthquake
Mig in Panama ->Arizona?   -> Chile Earthquake
BP Oil Spill?            - Person(child) stumble
Boston Bomb Attack? - Person(child) stumble
Person(child) witness a military weapon mounted on helicopter that shoot laser but pulsed going through a row of armored vehicle saying it's for show or pyrotechnics but 'that pulse of that laser' is actually 'air show' witnessing a video at school.  Princess Diana that flash. That flash laser chemical cartridge or capacity for one vehicle.  If someone in the view of that front of that 'laser' just for show and pyrotechnics. 20-40 Years Ago.
It cross??? military,civilian, and science.  Person(child) in science class.

B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, MAD Cow, Anet then AIDS Vaccine to treat Ebola, and military to combat Ebola, then super bug surface person(child) in science class many years before to combat Ebola.  Shiva Ebola Virus Elf Bowl-of Virus of the game in class.

Radiation spread from Fukishima -….  Maybe another symbolic?  If it's their first child that passed away of the 14,000?  And California sunk as the Red Sea?  And Atlantis.  The geographic of red ants.  Time-Travel Possession then WTC Monument person(child) then outside person acknowledge stealing money from church which can relate 'Riding down WTC'.  Applying geographic location the red ants 'O and 1' bottom covered in red at the bottom.  Symbolism of Greek as well, Shield and Spear,  and the Euro Pound Symbol. 
Person(child) remember ran someone acknowledge good enough JV-Junior Varsity.  President quote of JV.  Marked the super-solider? or super-spy? when ran 10 miles vs person(child) only ran 5 miles.  Ran Ran Ran Ru.  Person(child) ran 3 laps and walk 1 per mile. 3 Laps Ran Ran Ran  Ru walked one lap.  From Mcdonalds fun,happy, enjoyable trend in Japan.  Super-Solider?,Super-Spy? ran 10 miles and never walked.  During and slightly before President talk JV person(child) turned on TV, person(child) can't remember the exact date when the news surface can it be marked? 5 Miles and 10 Miles Super-Solider off by one 6 Miles and 11 Miles  6/11.
During field trip directly at the police station, person(child) may have encounter 'Super-Spy' pieces a counterfeit check that was marked 90 dollars.  Also photo someone died that maybe something marked that is the only the 'real'?.  Person child distant. Before 9/11 /// But now 44th President term and time there maybe person(child) scared there maybe if counterfeit check people get hurt.  If person(child) wrote on an all conterfeit check $??????? and someone's name someone might get hurt?  Death Note it may also related (8a.) and the premonition and then WTC hit.  And Japan is innocent.  The "$??????"  maybe even left blank too?  Blank? $90? $90? Blank?  $90 Dollars the bottom price and also check is counterfeited.  Blank?  Or $90 all the way?  Not only that person(child) also RFID.  Last information being able to read fingerprint in test and indentify, capability to do it extremely fast a sheet of fingerprints.  The Field Trip was before Death Note.  And not only that at the Heart of the Police Station.  And Japan is innocent.  The 'counterfeit check/death note' is real and feels real person(child) never pass or cross. 

Person(child) encounter birds continuing crashing into the window during class repeatedly.  It could be Premonition that lead of the WTC would be hit. It was than marked in Death Note of people fly out the window, person(child) situation was birds repeated crashing into the window, person(child) skimped and in the deathnote series, randomly picked that episode that people fly out the window, and then at the ending of the series.  Many Many years after of Death note.  A premonition of a drawing, a sever mouse head real life, then what happen of the news someone capture and was severed.  Japan situation. /////  Could it be fixed?  Person(child) wanted Advanced Placement courses but couldn't due criteria of the past classes, and assigned to a class where the birds repeatedly crash window.  'Banned' from Social Studies and main language studies to point being unable Advanced Placement to those classes person(child) would like to achieved, not only that the history/social studies/language were assigned 'substitute/coaches' teachers.  The Banned of extreme measure against person(child), teachers getting heart attack in main language class.  Another is giving birth as well.   Person(child) unrealized and thought from a person commenting on fake speaking another language.  And person(child)  wanting to reply " a the type of person not speaking main language if you get my drift" and not realizing until now.  The 'banned' of extreme measure is fact.  But reach the spectrum of education Main Language as Second Course, 'Advance Placement' but yet not really 'Advance Placement' classes by banning already talked in this paragraph(mid ground yet not midish ground),  and Actual Advance Placement Classes.  'Advance Placement' but yet not really 'Advance Placement' encounter like a mentor that talk and created instant messaging and talk was muddle not anything bad, then when was encounter attraction of 5'11. Then way later and not on the same day? another encounter address about the Koran person(child) did not really know not really bad just unknowing. WTC was then struck later.Way later Person(child) also another type instant message by another stream on Ustream there was no ill but the feel looking at the image messaging person(child) got vibes, and then Steve Jobs Pass Away.  Yet now person(child) thinking of 5'11 5x11 55' Leaning Tower Pisa.  The Chat AIM, MSN Messenger behind Ustream of another streamer.  And now Ustream interface felt a bit unfriendly more less open.  See/Search(3.7a)  War on Pollution to push out radioactive water that shore on to Japan and China and lands on West Coast of the US.  Person(child) also quote of Greenland/Iceland much smaller on the map then actual.  Another discussion on map that if the flipped upside down the distance of the world be shorter.  Universal Time Struck slowing the earth, unknown of the Earth/US flipped upside down?, an argument to be made, Secret Project, Time,Space,Distance?(Greenland/Iceland? being smaller.)  WTC Hit, Price of Land? change what the meaning person(child) does not understand.  ???Theoritical??? Another Secret Project, this must Marianias Web Level 5 in this paragraph?, Time-Travel-Possession someone meant to unknown objection and this that secret project Time,Space, and Distance.  Theoretical and Thesis Civilization Advancement, placebo, fix, naturual non-natural, placebo, chemical, telekentic weapon, etc, Time-Travel-Possession.  Forwards or backwards.  Science?,Economy?,Society?Resources?Culture,and Forgetting?.
Another counter person(child) hang a jump rope to exercise with an exercise equipment on latch ceiling.  Can it relate to Robin Williams?  Another encounter is Patrick Swayze when a teacher talked about Patrick Swayze then Patrick Swayze passed away soon after.   Another encounter is Steven Irwin already addressed, See/Search (3a.) and (4a.).  Can it be related to person(child)'s game genie as well?  Person(child) randomly type John Doe on Yahoo! and thinking of being anonymous and someone who was close to 44th president has passed away, can there be more if going to anonymous 'forum board' people might get hurt or disappear.  John Doe person(child) bump of someone annoyed with the Letter E, John Doe=John do= John Bo, John Black Ops?

--Real Not? Therotical???---
Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, may link the field of view of the highway Princess Diana 9/11.  Highway of Death.  MW2 acknowledge one death. //// Far-fetch Theory 'No Russian?' Now Russian Sanction.  Sequence, Played Cod 5. MW2.  BO caught "1 Billion" news B-2 Bomber Price.  MW3 switch to highly non-lethal - Kennedy?Related but person(child) did not realize of Kennedy. BO2 ???? <-> MW?(Stopped on the Silo).  Always eye on MW2.  Symbolism of a bridge?  BitCoin may have push COD Black Ops to 1 Billion then another to 1 Billion.  B-2 Bomber=$2 Billion.  Star Wars Treaty has already been broken due 9/11 B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage with 2 Nuclear capabilities.  Person(child) stopped on MW on the Silo.  Super-Solider may have line US for CoD to be able B-2 Bomber with 2 Nuclear Warhead capabilities equipped.  China Ghost Cities as of Europe and Russia.  Japan essence in their game.  US ????.  Russia ????.  Europe has radiation from 9/11.  Feels like where for CoD to strike.  News DARPA launching 'satellites'….  Star Wars Treaty has wane but has been broken since 9/11.  Scientist heard of documentary trying dot in 'Nuclear Orbital/Air Proliferation' to flint on people without scurrying ruckus 'Nuclear Orbital/Air Proliferation' has been broken.  Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage field of view with of Princess Diana on the Highway.  With DARPA Map not charter of B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead and the D is missing.  MW3 War on Drugs and US quote War on Drugs unending.  MW3 side chosen.  Also when see PAK-FA capabilities of long range striking ground, yet the F-35 US does not?? .  DARPA launching 'satellites' on Jet Base and China Pollution as cover 'War on Pollution'?.  The reaction launching from Stealth Jets or launching from the non-plane Ground to Air.  Or F-35 Launching Capabilities. 
Web by NoodleboxTV
Repeat, if you look at the map harder, and at different angles you can see two handles.  Also can relate three artists encounter, one bilibili many many months before more than 12 nearly start 洛天依 and Final Fantasy VII song of the Final Boss the fan artist is innocent, one from twitter is innocent, one from pixiv as well.  Like the Rekt talk in (2-18 UnitedNation n' Non-UN Ultimatium Encounter 2 ).  Civilian Military or Military Civilian crossing or crossing overtime. 

Person(child) witness B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11.  Person(child) pass by a new WTC in Dallas person(child) can't fully recall.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage WTC Dallas.  WTC of New York hit and been struck and hit Civilian.   Civlian Military cross in some way?  (WTC of Dallas Military.  WTC of New York Civilian.)=During 9/11.  Person(child) had chance to visit New York but decline, but if person(child) visit would the WTC of Dallas struck in someway?  Before 9/11 person(child) moved had chance to move to another school when moving but decline to moved to another school, yet moved to another house.  If person(child) went to that another school person(child) would have never the B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and the field of view of the highway that can lead to Princess Diana's death.  If person(child) moved to another school would the WTC of Dallas be struck during 9/11?  Ebola combat Ebola and victim contracted and flew to Dallas, it's no accident contracted and military combating Ebola, Civilian and military merge in someway?.  Unrelated/Related? person(child) regretted being inadequate in Main Language in to the pointed wanting to be re-educated in.  Again person(child)'s four flatten pennies can they also relate to 4 WTC, Dallas and New York?
The 43rd President, if WTC Dallas struck would location change 43rd President term of office change.  Super-Solider,Super-Spy,and Super-Scientist the power to dictate the power of the Executive Branch?  Back alley of the US Security measure unknown.  If WTC Dallas been struck as like 9/11, B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead of New York been sabotage and still effect, Europe.  IF WTC Dallas struck it would be a drought in Europe of B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage?  Time-Travel-Possession comes in, the comment of someone riding WTC would still come across person(child).  But to uncover Princess Diana's death.  WTC Bombing unknown.
But damage be same as of 9/11  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and 'WTC' hit.

If you still look harder person(child) unknown of the white specks on the map if the map is scan by a machine that purposedly knew how it scan or it's done completely digital.
Japan staff member 2006 and 2009.
Or New York's 9/11 would be Dallas 6/11?  Or Dallas 9/11 and New York would 6/11?

9/11  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and 'WTC' hit.  AMD and Intel playfield change?  Civilian Miltary? 

Person(child) search/calling intelligence website around the world.
Came across 7,520,000 results (0.31 seconds) before it was 0.33 Seconds on search engine an one intelligence agency site.  Off by one .32 marking 3.2 Earthquake.

Game Genie(discussed before 2-1)
Accusation? person(child) of hacking NASDAQ.  But Russia can now joke "What is reverse engineer"?.  Person(child) doesn't even know anything about hacking.  Yet the first/second hacker Kirby Dreamland modding the game of it's mechanics speed hack, drop hack, wall hack in-one-shot without knowing a thing completely random and zero knowledge and of it's accuracy, no hints or clues, and probability of that .000000000001x10^???.  Person(child) is dark side of Japan of 'mechanics in game'.  It's like having to write your own test from a blank page!  And then have to match the professor test and get the answer right and get 100!  Was person(child) source of start for creating/start standardize test for all the nation and the world.   Yet inspiration has start hacking the energy grid at the very early time even when computers were not speed.  The theory and defcon sparked by person(child) popular game and then send a 'free pamphlet of game genies codes  as like coupons' and they hack the energy grid.  Peerless eyes of scientist pray of something this happen to turn on their particle accelerators.  Pentagon was already alerted and so was New York and marked New York Black out.  Thinking more of the mechanics speed hack cost tweak energy and speed more computation into electrical grid and over-circuit the PowerPoint monitor.  Was their communication be made? to person(child) person(child) computer fried later by stumble and upgrade CPU person(child) did not know.  Wall Hack skip computation here and there.  Drop hack adds objects binary to hack tweak the electrical grid, die when normally you don't die World 4 of Kirby DreamLand at the end before entering the level died at the end of World 4 and did not enter the Boss Stage door, it triggers an extra switch or unintended switch.  Person(child) is the fundamentals of a hacker.  And now Blizzard, Activision online constant and the irony they procure changing the weather, yet when you look at the fundamentals of 'person(child) of being the first yet second hacker electrical grid' and not only that to boot dinosaur clone oil.    Yet the first/second hacker person(child) of it's mechanics speed hack, drop hack, wall hack, and the incite speed runs and persuave speed runs, then speed runs destory entire US energy grid infrastructure.  Daily or like Funday Monday of some sort.  All the gamers time, even emulators noone did it game genie code, or yet it's still even now on the internet when Kirby Dreamland freshly came out.  The Probability of the Defcon Launch Code and one-shot all three unilaterally, speed hack, wall hack, and drop hack.  Another slight close encounter person(child) drew and NASA imagarey flip of the exact same composition.  Thinking more deeply Y2K archives and pass Y2K archives and Game Genie.
Possible person(child)'s four flatten pennies, Game Genie, New York Black Out, the line may have cut during New York Black Out to the White House or Government Facility to address .  And now the creation of the internet.


And the present, US Submarine Sabotage and Russian Submarine Missing.
Theory the two Hydrogen Bombs that were tested. 
And Princess Diana Peace Mission clearing Land Mines.
The Two Hydrogen Bombs but the hydrogen bombs from underneath  Missing = M  S=Sabotage    M turn upside  W=Wind Platinum-like Seed Weather changing material-Landed Mined,  and S=Sabotage, the 'sabotage'LandMined Hydrogen bomb Spread to the US.

SeeSearch-(5a.) of Dire Global Situation and Japan 3-12 (Non-Fiction).

Looking Declassfication. 25 Years and 6 Years  25-6 Years is 19.  Flip  91.  The First PM of Singapore.
Please read first…

Below please read full screen.…

2-18 UnitedNation n' Non-UN Ultimatium Encounter 2 Real Life   It's all REAL(Non-fiction)

                                                                      B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and Princess Diana's Death.
                                                                      Real Meaning of 9/11.  If you draw the map, Mt.St Helen Explosion, WTC Hit, Flordia Time-Traval-Possession, DARPA Map of Lower-Left Location person(child)
                                                                      four flatten pennies person(child) at coin machine at Cali-Stimulus (1000 Mile Song), the
                                                                       wear and tear of the coin machine can be reverse engineer? and hit federal reserves or know the opening/logistics of the federal bank vault, person(child)'s
                                                                      coin machine was analogue of the past, but if it was digital.   BP Oil Spill.
                                                                                                             Symbolism drawing a Britian Flag-ish.
Web by NoodleboxTV

There still B-2 Bomber during Haiyan still.

                                                                     B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and flying to the location at 9 o'clock direction yet not mark on DARPA Map due to
                                                                      Princess Diana's death at the angle.   Civilian Military but if person(child) were to take a photography or "writing" it fully, the flash and angle taken to the B-2 Bomber
                                                                     '9/11' Angle of Princess Diana's Death of B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead at one hand '9' and the 'angle of Princess Diana's Vehicle at one hand' 11.   Highway of
                                                                    Death England.  

Highway of Death HoD/HoT 'Some Korean Song - Hoi Hoi Hoi Hoi'

Highway of Death Iraq             Iraq Military
Highway of Death South US      Red Cars + Trucks wrecked miles away and felt kill.  Also marked when person(child) was side hit from another vehicle and marked by car insurance of compensation.  Of the event happened.
Highway of Death England                      Princess Diana's Death
Highway of Death SlightMidBelow US        NORAD???- B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead, yet angle trajectory locate the 'spy/assassin' of Princess's Diana during 9/11.

B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage person(child)'s hair marked King Charles Hair, and Rudolph the red nose reindeer person(child)  And may also reveal weakness in NORAD.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage during 9/11, NORAD, Princess Diana's Death, and ''.  Person(child)'s talk about punch in the face in the nose something wrong forum but afraid but love *****u.  Japan render scenes, and Japan is innocent  Japan earthquake happen of.

B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage, coms caught 'go nuclear' trigger explosion, thus breaking Star Wars Treaty, the US in a drought.

1/10 Person(child) hair to King Charles Hair. 1/10 the nose.
All the one 1/10 Taper feels like pins of a voodoo, effigy, a site of Motherboard Vice that webpage mysteriously disappear.  Person(child) encounter another webpage that dissapear from wiki.

Can relate, Sabotage Submarine Missing Submarine 1/10.  Malaysia Plane Missing, Sabotage Plane Asia 1/10.  Russia plane and another Russia plane.

Taiwan Airline down weakness in their defense.                                  -Super-Solider has come
Russia BUK 'radar'?? or ?????????  -  The other airline                             -Super-Solider attempt to ????
US San Fransisco Korea Airline -                                                          
Malaysia Airline - Japan Anime Studio of DVD pricing Ebay.  Person(child) ran with with flock of birds  with pains and tears but the 'feeling', before Japan Anime Studio and in 'certain spot in Japan Anime Studio OP' dreamt and before realize the pain and tears running with flock birds, during after that a Japan Earthquake struck?.

Super-spy  lead/baited (Japan Anime Studio)but not with Super-Spy -  on person(child) location was addressed by (scientist) 'lettershape at' at 2'oclock.       person(child) Encounter a tag from own image.      -Can there be more of the Malaysia Airline?  Japan is innocent.
Anet- Person(child) name of Character of healing class involves with (Aids)  Super-Spy,  Africa AIDS vaccine in Africa working to combat Ebola Super-scientist.         -

Person(child) incident running with flock of birds in pain and tear but the 'feeling'.  Then Japan Anime Studio and they're innocent....
Japan Anime Studio - Person(child)'s drawing Boston Bombing and the flagged that was dropped  / CIV5 Red Seahorse
Japan Anime Studio - Ebay Price of Malaysia
The Supers -'Feels like they are attacking on the multiple color' 'due the flags that hang up that has that international feel'
Feels like Japan's Image attack.  Japan is innocent
See/Search -"(1a.)"

Few Anime studios seems the only one to know how to buff out? 
Japan Anime Studios - Fukishima - Ghost Cities             - Super-Spy and Ghost Cities....things can get sour.  Super-Spy already know what's going left a several 'Tag' on person(child) image.


                                      Super-Spy                                                      Super-Solider                                                                                            Super-Scientist
                                                                                            B-2 Bomber Nuclear Warhead been sabotage    9/11 x                 Time-Travel-Possession 9/11 person(child)'s dream in deep past way before 9/11
                                MonsterMind-Person(child) for                    Person(child) did not realize that B-2 Bomber and thought                             
                                Magazine that was sent to                        everyone knew it a B-2 Bomber during 9/11.  But noone mention
US+EU                            person(child) has that email of password       but person(child) then did not realize and remember and
                                 of just one number could hack                    DARPA MAP the Map feels missing B-2 Bomber Nuclear warhead been sabotage.                Particle Acceleration Turning during 9/11
                               read the map that US in drought.                  and spread radiation.
                                 monster-mind with all the security/account                                                                                            
                                 checks.  "Literal Sense sent person(child)'s
                                 password a mailing tag from a magazine
                                 which is international yet all the
                                 checks that went through"            
         ||Telekinetic Weapon    MKUltra and on animals|||                         After 9/11 Telekentic Weapon  heard delta and alpha coms?                            Way before 9/11 Telekentic Weapon                                


                                                                                                     US B-2 Bomber Nuclear missing person(child) witness real life not DARPA MAP,                                                
                World Trade Center spreading radiation to Europe.                 as sabotage low altitude.   B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead.                                                                  

                                                                           Person(child) is a little different.  Witnessing Real-Life and was not video.  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead EU Video.
                                                                                                 US Sabotage Nuclear Submarine on Video.   Russia Submarine Video.
                                                                                                                                             Thus the video game VvVvV.
                                                                                               Something like a pin and taper.  Sabotage being pin.  Missing and pulled.
                                                                                                Feels like US being censor and Russia not being censor.  Symbolism?
                                                                                           US Sabotage Nuclear Submarine were they driving? as to Russia Submarine missing, were they driving?                                                                                                                                                                 Person(child) was driving while witnessing a B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead.
                                                                                           World Leaders Photography if they were Photographers?  If person(child) was driving, B-2 Bomber with
                                                                                           Nuclear Warhead been sabotage driving.  If person(child) were to stopped the car, position and view
                                                                                           can it relate to Princess Diana's death?    Shock and Awe, Princess Diana,  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead, if person(child) were
                                                                                           to take the picture the angle flash may kill Princess Diana.  Photography Military-Spy.  Arawaka-Arakawa.
                                                                                      B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been detected over 'Europe' heard other news and technical if open the latch it will be detected.
                                                                                      The timing of the quote go 'Nuclear' sabotage and time of opening the 'latch' B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead of Europe.
                                                                                       The trajectory of the B-2 Bombers with Nuclear Warheads that open latch you find that hidden B-2 Bomber that's of DARPA's Map.
                                                                                       And find the meaning direction of the latch where it face at.   There maybe 'more' meaning that nothing is stealth due to the
B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage and 'latch' open.  All the engineers been working on 'marked' tracked, .
;Person(child) now realize about DARPA's MAP due thinking photography.  But how do they 'know' to keep military and spy separate?
What if talked wrong?  Or talk 'something'..?
                                                                                          US Sabotage Nuclear Submarine latch open? or smoking,  and Russia Submarine that disappear, and 'Price' actually saw it of game saw MW2 that
                                                                                           1/10 Thing  B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead and Nuclear Submarine Size.
                                                                                                           B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage  Roads and US in drought, and radiation.  Which 'can' be worse destruction
                                                                                                                 Radiation or the Roads.  News said mutated crops that said to be leak GMO when zapped.  
                                                                                                                  Argument of Mass Mass Homogeny GMO vs Mass Mutated 'Organics'     >At Hostage Point if it's wet.
                                                                                                                  Argument Longer Durability to the Roads cheaper to the roads                          >At Hostage Point if it's wet.
                                                                                                                  But the Time by Princess Diana Death and the B-2 Bomber Nuclear Warhead sabotage
                                                                                                                  If they sit and wait for the endless argument at the end and then pull choice.  
                                                                                                                  Getting Attack/Hold against  of any 'action' the Super-Spy Super-Solider and Super-Scientist
                                                                                                                  End Argument but then at the end the choosier choice


                                                   MIG Parts Lousiana feels like '!'                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                   | Military Civilian The sense of landmine feel related to B-2 Bomber |
                                                                                                                              drawing the line. MiG MoG GoM?

                                                       MIG parts the feels Middle East'!'                                    Mig Parts 'that' 'Middle East' '!'

                                                            Ukraine and Statue                                                                                                                                         Animals in Snow over Chernboyl

Middle East                                                                                                            Person(child) caught a video of documentary
                                                                                                                           of bombing video that said 3 thermonuclear
                                                                                                                           Bombs.  Person(child) thought it was misdocumentary                                              
                                                                                                                                            misinformation in place of the
                                                                                                                            Middle East, only to realize it can relate the US situation
                                                                                                                            during 9/11 B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage
                                                                                                                             WTC center was hit spreading radiation.
                                                                                                                             1. The Open Latch of EU B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead
                                                                                                                             2. B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage US in the drought
                                                                                                                                 DARPA MAP mismap/unable to map to Princess Diana's Death that
                                                                                                                                 relates to person(child) place,
                                                                                                                             3.WTC Center was hit
                                                                                                                                The Open Latch of the Bomb of B-2 Bombers 9/11 to who they are facing.
                                                                                                                               - Bomb switch but the triggered is pulled in Syria

                                                                                                                                Pilots flown 'Allies'

Not yet EU        Radiation spreading due to World Trade Center Europe   -2 Bomber 'detected' punned to cover up France?  Actually coms of the US and not developed of the EU       Universal Time                           Establish                                                                                                          And Europe       '!'
Korea              ||| Monitored as person(child) forgots/remember about monster-mind but                  It releated to Taiwan Plane Crash short after                
                      out of the game, but felt to jump in, then after try to jump and go down and|
                       Still remember shouting for clan tag, banned before also person(child) stumble.
South Latin                      

                                              Super-Spy                                                                                                                Super-Solider                                                    Super-Scientist
Japan                                                                                        Relates to                                  Japan Radiation Fukishima.         Relates to                   Feels like they mocking spirit power                                                                                                                                                                                               Earthquake Bomb               >                            'SJ Saiyan'  'JS'

(1a.)                           One? Japan Anime Studio if person(child)  did not exist, feels like Japan's image is attack.
                         Boston Bomb attack/Tea-or International, Ghost Cities as to Extinction, Malaysia,
                          Korea Airlines to Golden Bridge=GB=NB.
                          Russia-Fukishima.  Taiwan weakness in air defense?.  That missing airline.
                           Japan's image is attack.  A character eating and Alice??

                          Lava and Radiation?  Two geologist died can it relate to                          >                                          
                          Chernobyl and Fukishima?  A news extinct? Volcano in Japan
                           that is now active.

China                   'Ghost Cities' within/disbutueded../or price person(child) witness and nightmared                                      
                         the same cities of the world of China with symbolism, Europe radiation spread 9/11.                                                                                                        Superstition braving instead of fearing                              But Super-Spy in Ghost Cities. If People living in living of the Ghost Cities yet look to at                                                                                                 'DARPA'' -Dinosaur Clone "No Fear"
                         Europe and the Radiation spreading, but Super-Spy is in the Ghost City.
Taiwan                  'Weakness'  Air Defense  Person(child) dreamt something about it then a plane crash lands          Super-Solider the comms of the defense due to down plane              
India                     Plane Crash?                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Malaysia                 Plane dissapear felt of Time-Travel-Possession                                                                            
Vietnam                  Vietnamese/(Middleast sounding) the oil.                                                                                                                                                                  Something 'Cow'. Flying Cow.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Flying Ciw
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Flying WTC?


Africa                         Person(child) names of 'Aids' named game character after                                  Military sent to Africa to combat Ebola
                                natural working  and healing class                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ebola may not be natural due to that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            AIDS vaccination
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Mocking Nature" ////   DARPA
                                                                                                                        Not sure who place the Aids Vaccination                
                                                                                                                        Super-Soldier, Super-Spy, Super-Scientist                                                          -Feels like an all attack on DARPA
                                                                                                                              Africa feels like route #1

                                                                                                                         The END of Argument all Arguments Motive
                                                                                                              What makes this all real person(child) witnessing B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead
                                                                                                              been sabotage during.

Fusion propulsion unlocked due Star Wars treaty broken.(Already Talked)

Sense of Irony of the News.  The use to use of  high tech talk of the deep past.  But now the fear of the now present.

Telekentic Weapon is 20-40 Years old person(child) was tap while drop on the head on a corner of desk, pinned before 9/11, many years later after 9/11  Telekinetic Weapon flip on.  Time-Travel-Possession as well 20-40 year.

Telekentic Weapon ant bite then person(child) was seige ant-hill with water and fireworks. 
Could there be.  Person(child) encounter Superbug.   way earlier before…,  Few Years ahead 2000.   Maybe Super-Spy got the vials and spread ailments due to  Person(child) game character healing relating to Aids, Aids Vaccine in Africa - Super-scientist, then US military to combat against Ebola it the crosses.  It crosses? now Superbug is release in the US.  There's also superbug that also relates to oil.  The US may held hostage for fracking if the super-bug is release in to the frack or clean up oil spill such BP disaster.
Wish-Washy talk and theory
The four flatten pennies.  4200.  If person(child) were to hold out hands and imagine four the flatten pennies on your fingertips and fold your thumb.  The four pennies, Right hand with 4 spread your hand like Star Trek Spock.  And the left hand trying to spread it out as much as possible which person(child) really difficulty 'Judo' Chop of Austin Powers.  WTC was hit though 9/11.  Coin Machine person(child)'s four pennies, weakness? of DARPA? already of talk.   DARPA's No Fear.  Four Piece =  Fior Piece = Fear Piece = For Peace. Gi=Time,  TimeFoirPeace.  Coin Machine as to Time Machine, person(child) dreamt falling WTC many years before 9/11 and woken up with a swollen eye and mysterious ice bag on the head.  DARPA's Gi Fear as Time Fear = Four = Person(child)'s four flatten pennies.  Person(child)'s four flatten pennies. DARPA's No Fear.  No Fier Nofier if saying fast enough 'Nova' NoFourNoFourNoFour.  Place Star Treck Spock hands and 'Judo' Chop hands together and pull.  The real motive and intent of 9/11.  Super-Scientist that moment of eureka.  Super-Soldier exceeding limitation.   Super-Spy body-laungauge???     
Spock Hands and Judo Hand  hold out hands and imagine four the flatten pennies on your fingertips and fold your thumb and inversely.   Thinking and Feeling notion, motion, and motive,  Super-Solider,Super-Spy,and Super-Scientist?

Super-Spy,Super-Scientist,Super-Solider.  Give away who they are by the appearance of their hands.  Either in comfort pose and of their max limits.  Or your max limits of your pose.

Spock Hands and Judo Hand  hold out hands and imagine four the flatten pennies on your fingertips and fold your thumb and inversely.  But if you were place it back of your head and do it again again vice versa.  Thinking and Feeling notion, motion, and motive,  Super-Solider,Super-Spy,and Super-Scientist?

Please read full screen.…

If somewhere to read and this and 9/11 and Time-Travel-Posistion.  Shock & Awe.    'Time-Travel-Possession, Time-Travel-Position, Time-Travel'

9/11 and Time-Travel-Possession----- It is Real

The World Trade Center 9/11 was hit, a few days ahead of 9/11 a person told person(child) some-one witness a person riding of down a 'SkyScraper'.  Way before 9/11, Person(child)'s head was dropped while sleeping, from the top bunkbed and landed on a white corner of a desk, and then dreamt of falling down a skyscraper.  Person(child) then woked up with a painfully swollen eye, an ice bag mysteriously over the eyes.  Japanese culture placing an icebag over the head when ill.  There was no telekentic weapon awake, but person(child) when sleeping may have been present telekentic weapon and person(child) not knowing of the telekentic weapon and not seeing.   Kinetic Force and the telekentic weapon PE=GMH, Gravity Mass Height, timed with the Telekentic Weapon on impact in person(child) brain and land on the eye.  Kinetic Force and the telekentic weapon,  PE=GMH, Gravity Mass Height, timed with the Telekentic Weapon on impact in person(child) brain and body??.  With the right mass, height, and time that so it won't 'damage' your brain and swollen eye, but person(child) started with being healthy.   "Been there done that?"  "Shine-死ね-Smashing your head on a Tofu?"  NASA/SETI Experiment of the movie 'First Contact'?  Telekinetic Weapon way existed way before 9/11 in the 80's or 90's.   The arrangement of the desktop and person(child) head was dropped.  "Being two spots at one place." "B-2 spots at one place-pun"  Person(child) witness a B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage 9/11, but yet person(child) dreamt of falling down a skyscraper many many years before, and shortly after 9/11 someone said to person(child) 'someone rode the the WTC' indirectly to person(child) but not noticing is what makes it real.  Person(child) was unaware until a decade and few years later.   DARPA Map mismapped B-2 Bomber with NuclearWarhead been sabotage talked previously and US in a drought,   "before this journal deleted of how the pass of how it WTC was hit.,  Time-Travel-Possession in NASA Flordia.  Time-Travel-Possession and 9/11 the meaning of it Shock-And-Awe.  9/11 And ________.  Another weakness of the US and supported hitting WTC leader of the world. Loving science,loving justice, and then 9/11 striking the World Trade Center. Time-Travel-Theories surface reading&caution especially if time was involve and at Defcon.  Erasing entirely of the US and up.  Anime pace of lovin the series, and loving science and striking at 9/11.  Just how thorough the US defense is and the US has never address the defense to guard their defense and their 'future'?   Time-Travel-Possession seems to goes only to the 'future'?  Person(child) Witness Sengoku Collection of the pace person(child) stopped at 2 and Croisee Episode 2 at pace person(child) can only handle.  Feels like there's a weakness of anonymous social media if people were to lose themselves noone can and would search for them and all the pain to be the best and concern being gone or plucked away, and really have to type alot of the same sentences, and Non-anonymous already reveal showing themselves supporting hitting World Trade Center and philosophy?/ideas? showing themselves of the argument against anonymous sites of ideas/philosophy.  How can the top academics and ivy leagues handle it and getting top scores too?  Person(child) couldn't how can be passion tend to be always good before writing/thinking/wondering this paragraph and before thinking 9/11.  Now and of the paragraph and then up then person(child) still painfully to stop prevent of 9/11.  Person(child) wonder the Simpson Halloween of eating 'alot' of donuts episode is there more to it, Person(child) also scared of how the episode is created.    Person(child)'s bunkbed height falling of and hitting the table and the height of the World Trade Center.  Can it be that 1/10 related?  Also quoted history channel of Kripsy Creme and WTC stacking of donuts.  Time-Travel-Possession, Time-Travel-MindLink, Time-Travel-Ghosting, , and Telekinetic Weapon.  "US Forgets History, History Forgets You/////You Drive Car/Car Drives You"  Measuring Time Brain -Travel-Time-Possession- Head Drop to complete observation remembering the dream to close proximity, then release and the wake up do the energy calculation of the brain scan, to perception dream and reality and slightly to make sure of dream future and reality then wake up back, to be able wake up and know coordinate of the future even detail, when you sleep but remember your dream?  Dropping on the eye sending the eye signal reversing brain waves then impacting on the corner of the table of the eye to 'controlled' electrical signal to the eye to the brain, where eyes 'flash'?' upon eye on impact of sleep of perception, observing of observation, with telekentic weapon.  Deju Vu.  Painful and Dangerous Science.

"       ??????????                               " Super-Spy   -Weather
"You Forgets History, History Forgets You" Super-Scientist
"Being 2 spots at once"  Super-Solider

Game Stream saying REKT.  Person(child) realize high level red cars+trucks abandoned and wrecked during winter time felt several miles ahead on highway covered in snow and ice.  It felt Hollywood person(child) didn't see or miss the cameracrew, and all those car felt killed.   Stream Viewers toyed with Viewers and World Population.
REKT=IREK=           T to I
IRAQ=TREK=TRUCK        I to T        
Highway of Death.  Person(child) witness video of Iraq.  Person(child) witness actual in real life.
It is real.

"Being 2 spots at once"  May lead to "Bejing 2 Spots at once?" "Bejing(Beings)(Being) 2 spots at once(That Stereotype of Language Phonetics" Earthquake Bomb , Symbolism of 'Y' Fukishima, and 2 China Town -Military  Symbolism Y Radiation.  Super-Soldier
"You Forget History, History Forgets You" leads to  "HFG FGH" - "HFN FNH" (That sound Phonetics FHG-HFG-FNH-HFN if sounded out) /  Good Luck Have Fun?/ "FYN FYN -(possible)-  Game Related  - Super-Spy - GhostCities???  That Bullet made the whole ghost cities?
??????? - Super-scientist  Universal Time - Slowing of the Earth .000001 Second .

Person(child) didn't understand Creative Common policy of deviantart and person(child) grogy as well checking on option and the Checking off.  Apple Itunes hacked playings songs, when person(child) switch option on and option off of the Creative Common.  and then Steve Jobs mysterious passing.  Ask support to deviantart, about Creative Commons and more options, and deviantart tells to send e-mail.Deviantart Commission Panel  and Creative Commons policy options of deviantart, that loophole sound of 'impact'.  Can the whole world currency of the whole world can be suck through there with high frequency trading?  Is there a loophole?  Deviantart Pixiv DP BP?    Particle Accelerator that was on during 9/11'.  What if they 'closed' their user account?    Closed their user account and print, decoding the entire world financial system,security system,goverment  system, even military branches person(child) encounter a photo that's military it may then be connnected to games internationally and the of sound and of it's impact, 'Science system' Creative Commons policy and Deviantart Commission Panel.  'Time-Travel-Possession' with 9/11 (science),  "Art of War"-(Deviantart,spy) the particle accelerator impact of Bitcoins-Deviantart Panel-Creative Commons,  (crossing of x)  Super-Solider B-2 Bomber with Nuclear Warhead been sabotage NASA and decoding the Nuclear Warhead Silos of US or the World Nuclear Warhead Silos and Time.   DeviantArt members 25 million members but now 35,000 Members they can now hack into DeviantArt Commission Page, Creative Commons with policy then close the account or leave the account open of to commission of creative common policy. 

FYB FBI Front Yard Bullet Person(child) ask picked up the bullet then on the street but at the front yard not knowing and ask what it is? and met the Super-Spy person(child) shocked by replay after told that bullet might explode in person(child)'s face if the bullet were to hit at the angle but it was not a threat but cautionary, person(child) cannot remember what type of bullet"

Theories can be created,  Telekinetic Weapon+Time-Travel-Possession.  If they were all the 'unite' all the Human in 'time'.   Person(child) did sleep walk already discussed.

D-a by NoodleboxTVJapan Earthquake

Off by One.  The 2's.
1 11109    111 1 1
2 22209 244 2 2
        10  44
        10 Monument and Some State
2 22210 244 2 2
   22210 - Monument and Some States - Washington, Houston, and Egypt and Isereal
Are the viewers/uploaders control, the hot topics, deviations?, feedback messages, corresponded messages, .  But the deviantart 'statistics' 'isn't' control.

39 Deviants       = 40 Deviants
222 Comments   = 222 Comments
89,40 = 8,841 88,40 Page Views

Journal that was uploaded  last year hopefully read to Canada? US, China, Europe, Russia, Japan government sites.  And the journal post of last year deleted.

Is there a weakness maps?  But person(child) had the yearn to drew maps when playing a Ubisoft game then, and then several months later or is it a few years later, traveling distance to another country near-ish Montreal Canada, another person really of young age also drew maps that quite a detail.    What was then address last journal logs but got deleted, the weakness of the arguments is maps?  History and Maps but yet if to uncover/recover or anything.  History/Erasing History.  Feels like it can be painful. 

BitCoins and MonsterMind   = BM
Hearts and Mind
4Chan $9,000 .  9000 Viewers this account.  9 Years .  Happy 1999.



Weakness of the World Leader were to keep peace calm on the outside, but Defcon on the inside, and leave gracefully, it feels choiry store and shoved to them like (Mochi) Japan is innocent, line them up the Presidents incremental harmoniously the right pitch of those  presidents voice, presidents that finish their terms, feels like they can overload or turned to drones, behind the scene of defcon.  Honorey the other future presidents saying them before. 

The  X

They say it unanimously the , or then of the fallen orderly. 


The talk of the gold thing of and Middle East and it coming to them.  But is it the Monster-Mind Vs Bit-Coins.

The creation of the name monster mind.  Person(child) gamer tag ___ Thoughts, and game company toyed to shortend character name to ____ Thoug.  Changed my Gamer tag change to ____ Mind.  Feel like the project didn't have a name but then the project name Monster Mind?  But the thing is why does I spoke in some forum the thing situation that struck Greece the timing why did have to be involve?

Monster Mind Level Two?  It's very painful but very sceneful, 'thousands' of birds line formation straight formation.  All remember screaming, running in pain, scaring the birds they wouldn't fly away at the end of the line formation, 'moved around' some more screaming more in pain, it's unintentionally but I round them up like a ball, like mochi, they still wouldn't fly away.  "Syd Mead would fall flat in face, the magic advice which I kept heart, advice making and holding the magic and if lose the 'magic'", but when you lose the magic and and it's real.  Someone,ごめ, (´;ω;`) (´;ω;`) Government has video? of the incident and may have move into intelligence of the bird incident.    MKUltra moved on to animals?  MK-Ultra 'cancelled' with a twist, due to.... and it may had shifted to another ....  "and quote and leader of the time(my heart is shaken' and I'm tearing). MonsterMind+MKUltra+Animals?  Slang- MMMkay.  MMMK-A,     MMMK-a- "Y", MM=MonsterMind MK=MKUltra A=Animals.  I sense someone was trying to make an argument on the web.  About meat and ****.  Mine was Ice and still alive.  The notion fighting fire with fire?, is there a sense to be made, logically and.... . But to this argument reached it's of a from a previous disaster, I hope that person doesn't get dragged into the situation(´;ω;`).  Feels painful to meme out and I also don't get why people don't talk about it directly.


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